New in SugarCRM 8 – Actionable Drill Through Charts

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An engaging user experience has always translated into increased efficiency, effectiveness and consistency. These were the cornerstones of the recent SugarCRM 8, integrated to perfection in its two major updates (also available in the Winter ’18 7.11 Release). The SugarCRM 8 – Actionable Drill Through Charts combines Actions with Insights to make it easier to see and interpret data. It optimizes the Reports section similar to how the SugarCRM Product Catalog Dashlet optimizes the Quotes section.

Data Interpretation Is Now Easier

SugarCRM 8 - Actionable Drill through Charts

The Actionable Drill Through Charts feature allows users to see the data behind the charts in reports. This allows the user access to more insights. For instance, in a pipeline report, different sections will describe different points in the pipeline i.e. proposal stage, prospect stage, and so on; clicking on the relevant section will show insights particular to that area, making data interpretation significantly easier.

Clicking on a section opens up a detailed view of that data. For instance, a chart for open opportunities is categorized by month, clicking on the current month will show all the opportunities in the current month. Conveniently, the chart is also present on the right-hand side with the relevant section highlighted. If you select another section, the chart refreshes itself in real time.

Besides details, you can also take actions right from here instead of going into your list view. In SugarCRM 8, the list view is the same as the detailed data view mentioned above.

Here’s How You Find Them in Sugar 8

The Actionable Drill Through Charts can be accessed from the following places:

  • In the report section with a chart
  • In the saved report dashlets

The Actionable Drill Through Charts cannot be accessed, if:

  • The report’s base module is legacy BWC
  • On a mobile app
  • Out of the box dashlets

Key Takeaway

The Actionable Drill Through Charts feature in SugarCRM 8 puts a whole lot of things in one place that would otherwise have to be accessed separately. It lets you see data behind the report and allows you to take action on the data simultaneously, resulting in a compelling design that offers an elegant experience. The Actionable Drill Through Charts continues the visual restructure of SugarCRM to meet the modern workforce expectations.


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