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The latest release by SugarCRM brings a whole bunch of new features to boost your productivity and organization. The highlight is the new Sugar 8 Product Catalog Dashlet which makes navigation seamless and adding quotes easier than falling off a log.

The new product dashlet rests on the intelligence pane in the create page section under “Quotes”. It can also be opened right from the intelligence pane on Quotes record view. Currently, the product catalog dashlet is exclusively for quotes, with an update for the Opportunities module next in line.

New User Interface

SugarCRM 8 Product Catalog Dashlet

Sugar 8 comes with a revamp of the Product Catalog, giving users a simplified view of all available products. Product categories have been tweaked as folders are now categorized according to the customer’s category order. Products pop up with a click on the folders, you can easily add them to Quote by clicking the product name. In order to look at the full product record, click on the icon next to the product, or add them to Quote (a new feature in Sugar 8). The product catalog dashlet gives users a full visual representation of all available products and makes adding and finding products very easy.


The new dashlet appears at the top of the default dashboard in Quotes record view on all new installations. For users already using SugarCRM, the product catalog dashlet will have to be manually added to the dashboard. Sugar does not reset custom configurations. All users that have recently installed/upgraded to Sugar 8 will find the dashlet on the Quotes create page.

Optimized Catalog to Streamline Workflow

Extensive performance tests are the norm of any development process and SugarCRM is all the same. The new product catalog dashlet comes with design and back-end changes to optimize performance and maximize user experience satisfaction. SugarCRM has optimized large product catalogs by:

  1. Using a new API that only retrieves chunks of data that the user needs. Every time a user clicks on a folder or product, the API only retrieves that folder. It also works within the confines of SugarCRM system parameters i.e. the number of items to show per page.
  2. Using a new JS library that renders everything from shapes and images to text and video in HTML canvas. This makes the dashlet fast even if the catalog count runs into tens of thousands.

Key Takeaway!

The Product Catalog Dashlet follows up on SugarCRM’s commitment to enhancing user experience and putting the most important bits right where the user wants them. With this new version, creating and editing quotes is easier than ever.


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