Introducing the groundbreaking new SugarCRM Mobile SDK!


SugarCRM recently unveiled its new Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK). The new SDK is poised to be a game changer for Sugar Mobile application stakeholders as it now allows developers and enterprises to customize the application easily without the need to build it from scratch.

From custom actions to layouts and themes, the new SDK empowers development teams to carry out such efforts with proficiency and allows users to achieve the best possible Sugar Mobile Application Experience.

new SugarCRM Mobile SDK

Unlike other SDKs, Sugar’s new offering is a fully functional mobile application with the ability to connect with Sugar instance and provides the same set of features as the stock SugarCRM Mobile Application. The new SDK code exposes a set of public APIs via JavaScript, hence making it possible to form advanced workflows within the Sugar Mobile Application.

Key Benefits

1. One Source Code

With the help of the new SDK developers now have the ability to work on Sugar customizations using just one source code for multiple platforms. Whatever your existing platform might be; Android, iOS or Blackberry, Cordova (the emulator) easily converts the source code as if it was meant to be viewed on the respective native applications.

2. More Control and Freedom

The new SDK gives the ability to build applications disregarding your hosting methods. Whether the instance is locally hosted or on-demand, the ability to form a custom built application is now possible for anyone.

3. A Complete Mobile Application Experience

The features of third party integrations with SugarCRM can now transpire within the Sugar Mobile Application. The SDK supports standard native capabilities such as geo-location and camera access, and the possibility of adding other native capabilities is also present. It allows developers to build applications with the ability to interact with different applications available in the phone, such as Google Maps, and hence a complete user Mobile Application experience is achievable.

4. Custom Branding

Producing a purpose-built application and uploading it with your own brand logo is an option present using the new SDK. Specific applications can be built and uploaded on different app stores including Google Play, Apple Store and BlackBerry World. This means that different versions of Sugar Mobile Application can be formed with any name and icon, whilst under the hood it works exactly how it was meant to.

The Bottom Line!

The need to build a Sugar Mobile Application from scratch is no more as the SugarCRM Mobile SDK helps you achieve the best possible custom mobile experience across multiple devices and platforms!

A mobile application that truly encapsulates all features of the CRM instance is desired by many users. The new SugarCRM Mobile SDK provides that leverage, allowing individuals to create purpose-built applications, form roles, and businesses to boost the productivity of their employees through a more intuitive mobile experience.

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