Why Odoo CRM is the best Odoo ERP App

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Odoo is at its core a robust platform with ERP functionality in mind. ERP covers much of what is going on in a company, which is why there are so many Odoo apps. We have implemented and customized many of these different apps for completely different needs, the most popular of which is Odoo CRM.

Odoo CRM is exactly what it sounds like, it is a component of Odoo that replicates CRM functionality. Having CRM as a whole is extremely beneficial for businesses, no matter what size and industry they are at. 

Why Odoo CRM is so Great

Odoo CRM is a platform that gives you total control over your sales, marketing, and customer service. Using Odoo means that it links with everything else contained in your Odoo ERP, easily making seamless transitions. CRM is an essential part of every business and helps you keep track of, and build long-lasting relationships. 

Many successful businesses use Odoo CRM to propel themselves forward and we think you should too. Having a good relationship is how you play the long game in any given industry. Its easier to maintain existing customers than it is to obtain new ones. This is why you can go a long way by dedicating a little effort to your customer relationship.

We will now go over why having Odoo CRM will elevate the way you do business.

Effective Customer Interactions

Customers are the main focus here, which is why Odoo CRM gives you a customer 360 view of everyone involved. These are some of the important details that Odoo can store and/or create regarding the 360-degree customer view:

  • Customer Profile
  • Customer Purchase History
  • Inventory Visibility
  • Marketing Promotions
  • Analytics
  • Mobile Access
  • Real Time Data

A customer’s entire journey is covered in the database, from when they were a lead to when they become loyal. When the experience of a customer is enhanced at every step, it leads to higher sales and hence higher profitability.

Odoo Mobile CRM

Another great feature of Odoo is that you can access it from the Odoo mobile app. With the app, you can view prospects and other CRM information on the go from wherever you please. 

This means no delays when out in the field, or when making timely responses to their questions. Catering to customers at a reasonable pace is also detrimental to their retention and loyalty. Other than this, you can use it to quickly find information in a pinch. Browse through notes, emails, conversions, and sales history to access what you need and use it to your advantage.

Identify Opportunities

Odoo CRM gives you valuable insights on where you can get future business from. By managing opportunities, you can start focusing your efforts on the maximum return on your investment. This means Odoo CRM will also actively prevent issues as it will go for the best available leads and opportunities. You will be spending less time on damage control and containing the situation because you can now have stronger opportunities. This is all based on analyzing performance metrics to have the best fit for your organization. Odoo CRM will also diagnose existing potential problems with the opportunities available and set the right course of action.

Odoo Integration Capabilities

If all of that was not enough, you can integrate Odoo with many third-party applications. Integrations allow for more functionality from your existing suite of business applications, it’s also less of an investment because you already have the tools required.

Odoo can be integrated with applications of all types. These include accounting, HRM, payment gateways, content management systems, telephony systems, and even eCommerce platforms like Magento. A lot of the systems are core requirements for businesses, so you can’t do without them. You will not feel the need to open up the applications separately as their functions are replicated in the Odoo CRM interface.

Use Odoo CRM to Elevate your Business!

Using Odoo CRM to the fullest enables your business to be much more than it was before. With a clear organization of all the tasks at hand, and where you stand with each customer, it becomes easier to work in the direction you need to for success.


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