On-premise vs. cloud-based CRM: Take your pick


 cloud-based CRM

The recurring war between the cloud-based and on-premise CRM creates an interesting scenario for the vendors as well as customers where the advocates of both designs putforward interesting arguments to justify their choice.

The Difference:

On-premise is considered the traditional way of CRM deployment since you get it installed locally on the client’s own network. Cloud-based CRM, on the other hand, is a few steps ahead in the terms of technology as the program and its data is stored in the cloud and is deployed to the customer via the Internet. This obviously suits vendors the best since it significantly saves them the hassle and cost of manual deployment. But the cloud-based CRM has much more to offer customers than what the vendors can draw from it. Thanks to the SSDs that account for all the more value for space nowadays, a cloud-based CRM provides you a storage that you had only thought of until now. Along with that you get the added perks of convenient access to your CRM and hence your data, regardless of where on this planet you are.

Track data while on the move:

A cloud-based CRM rests on the internet which means you can track your data from wherever you want with a universal availability that leaves the geographical restraints far behind. The online data storage shields you from threats that plague the physical media such as physical damage and depreciation through use.

Security Concerns:

Another concern, that may arise due to data storage on the cloud, is that your data, being present on the internet may be more prone to hacking. However, that is simply not the verdict you can pass against the security strength of a cloud-based CRM since the data on the local drive of your computer is also “hackable”. So unless you remove the Internet from your life to guard your data (which is highly unlikely) you are prone to the hackers’ attacks no matter which medium you use.

In fact, a good CRM vendor, whom you trust, would take enough security measures to protect your data than you can take on your own. So it can now be argued that your data is safer on the cloud as compared to the storages you locally use.

Bottom Line:

The evolution of technology that brings you systems as intricate as CRM software via the internet with its own set of conveniences, advantages, and disadvantages. For now you are still left with the choice to weigh your alternatives, test the waters and make a decision, but with the rapidly moving softwares on the SaaS model you may not have that choice for long.

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