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You may have already heard about the changes that are coming to Sugar’s Workflow Engine by the end of next year. If you haven’t, don’t panic! We have got you covered. SugarCRM recently announced that the legacy Workflow module will be deprecated in the near future. With this change, all new and existing workflows should be created using Sugar new Advanced Workflow tool known as Process Author™.

As a result of this change, Sugar Professional will no longer have any workflow tool whereas new Advanced Workflow tool Process Author™ will only be available in Sugar Enterprise and Ultimate Edition. While Workflows were powerful and convenient, their ability to automate advanced, multi-step business processes was limited. As a result of this, Sugar Process Author™ has been introduced to provide additional business-process functionality for the customers.

This change has already been done for companies that have upgraded to Sugar 7.6 Enterprise and Ultimate. However, users don’t have to face the deprecation of Workflows until and unless they choose to upgrade to a new version of Sugar. In case of an upgrade to Enterprise or Ultimate Edition, the Workflow Manager will have to be replaced with Process Author™. Moreover, existing workflows, as they will no longer function, should also be re-created as processes using the new Advanced Workflow tool.

What’s the difference? Well, Advanced Workflow is capable of doing all those functions that were not possible with the old workflow engine. The new tool is visually oriented and has a drag & drop interface for its users. Unlike the legacy workflow tool, Process Author™ allows you to combine multiple business workflows into one process. It also provides the opportunity to define conditional AND, OR, NOT, and ELSE statements. Users can easily streamline common business processes such as managing approvals, lead generations, sales processes and more – hence, providing a better user experience.

As Process Author™ is a more powerful and advanced tool for workflow processes, we want our customers to make the most out of it. If you are using the legacy Workflow Manager tool on Professional Edition, you must build ‘logic’ to replace your workflows with processes in Sugar Professional. This is suggested for companies that don’t have numerous work processes. Otherwise, upgrade to Sugar Enterprise in order to use Process Author™ for your existing workflows. As a result of this upgrade, you will also be able to benefit from other features such as revenue line items, a portal, and role-based views.

If you are using the legacy Workflow Manager tool on Enterprise or Ultimate Edition, you should rebuild your existing workflows as processes using the new Advanced Workflow tool. With a graphical drag-and-drop interface, Process Author™ makes building multi-step business processes simple and easy for its users.

Clearly, it is an exciting and robust addition to Sugar that will enhance workflow engine for our customers. If you are hosting Sugar instance yourself, with Rolustech, or with another provider, your instance will continue to have Workflow Manager on its current version. However, this change is going to impact almost all of our business customers. In case of any upgrade or information, get back to us so that we can make a strategy of how to respond to these changes.


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