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During recent years Magento has risen through the ranks to become one the most widely used eCommerce platforms in the world. The reason behind this exponential growth in popularity is the versatility and compatibility of Magento. One of the best strategies to maximize the output of your Magento store is to integrate it with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. This will provide a wider field of view when it comes to analyzing customers’ data. 

One of the best examples of this would be integrating your eCommerce store to Salesforce which is one of the most popular CRM systems on the market. Salesforce offers different cloud-based solutions each specifically designed according to various steps throughout the customer journey. So let’s dive in and see how each of these solutions integrated with Magento can enhance the productivity of your online business.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is the platform where the sales data of a company is processed and stored. It lays the foundation for future marketing activities and improving customer service. When integrated with an eCommerce store it can help with numerous sales operations which are described below:

1. Customer Profiles

As an eCommerce platform, Magento offers a database that collects information about customers and their purchases but it doesn’t organize it in customer profiles so that the sales team could instantly access the information related to a specific customer. This is where the Salesforce Sales Cloud comes. When integrated with Magento, it automatically creates a profile for first-time customers and also adds new details and purchases.

2. Analytics

Retailers can control the sales operations with customized reports available in Sales Cloud. To generate a report, they select fields and filters depending on what metrics they want to track and analyze. Thus, they can always see how their business is performing and also make important decisions based on their analysis.

3. Price Books

The ability to transfer a Magento product catalog into Price Books in Sales Cloud comes in handy for owners of more than one Magento store when a sales or customer support team has to quickly navigate through the data of different stores. With Price Books, they don’t need to bother with multiple spreadsheets and can access individual catalogs for each store via Sales Cloud.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Nowadays, eCommerce marketers aim at custom marketing campaigns based on the preferences and purchase history of customers but tracking each and every customer to make individual promotions can prove to be a very hectic task. Salesforce can help with this through the use of its Marketing Cloud which is a full-featured marketing platform that greatly improves the way businesses communicate with customers. It provides a toolset that covers all steps of the marketing activity from collecting and analyzing customer information to automating personalized campaigns and analyzing the results. Here is how Salesforce Marketing Cloud can enhance the marketing processes of your business when integrated with Magento.

1. Data Centralization

Customer information is the basis for all marketing activities. Marketers need to create and configure Data Extensions which are customized databases where all the customer data is stored. With the help of the Marketing Cloud, marketers can leverage customer segmentation by applying filters to the data. This paves a way for targeted marketing campaigns.

2. Email Studio

Considering the importance of email marketing campaigns in eCommerce, Salesforce has come up with a modern email tool that meets the three critical requirements of email marketing which are creating visually appealing emails easily, targeting customers with relevant emails and analyzing the results. These features and essential for Magento-based businesses as the default functionality for email marketing does not offer these features.

3.  Social Studio and Advertising

Ecommerce businesses need a strong social media presence to reach huge audiences of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Social Studio allows to create appealing content, tracks mention of a company across multiple social channels to keep retailers aware of customer feedback and allows a customer support team to start a conversation and address issues directly in social media. These practices greatly enhance the customer experience and also help in maintaining a great online presence.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Slow customer support is detrimental to the business. If web store visitors face challenges and need assistance in any aspects along their shopping journey such as guidance through product catalogs, tracking the delivery, returning goods, etc., they expect an issue to be resolved promptly. With that in mind, Salesforce provides an advanced solution for customer support in eCommerce. Service Cloud is a platform specifically designed for efficient maintaining of customer communication and serving buyers at each step of their journey. Let’s take a closer look at the key features it offers.

1. Lightning Service Console

The performance of support agents greatly improves when data across all channels (email, live chat, phone, social channels) are stored in one central place. This feature optimizes the support process by saving time which is otherwise lost asking the same questions over and over again from customers.

2. Computer and Telephony Integration

Customer agents can take phone calls without leaving the service console. With a customer profile having all contact details including phone numbers, they don’t need to search for the required information after picking up the phone.

These features greatly enhance customer service as less time is wasted in searching for data. This results in quick service and more customer satisfaction.

What’s Next?

We have discussed how integrating your Magento store with Salesforce can have a huge positive impact on the growth of your business. It will result in more customer satisfaction, optimized business processes, and an overall streamlined flow of data making it the perfect solution to all your online business needs.

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