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(Updated on June/2021)

[In 2020 SugarCRM 10 was released offering a wide array of new functionality. You can read up on the latest edition of SugarCRM: Sugar 10 here. The same questions arise while using any version of the software, hence we ask our audience to answer the following three questions mentioned in the article. ]


While exploring SugarCRM 7 and customizing it, I came across some questions. I’m sharing these questions hoping to find some hints.

Adding External Plugin in SugarCRM 7

I wanted to add color picker plugin on one of the custom views I was working on the other day. I tried using JQuery color picker and it gets added. But when the view is rendered, the second time there is an error stating that the function is undefined.

How to Add Google Maps API to a Custom View?

I want to show Google Maps on a custom view. How do I add the API in the view.js file? I have tried to add the API in the view.hbs file but a warning is shows that the API is added multiple times and the map is not loaded.

Move from One Module’s View to Another Module’s View with Parameters

I want to move from one module’s view to another custom module’s view with parameters like the ID of the record and the name of the module. Could that be done in an upgrade-safe way?

The issues have been outlined above and I hope to, and am working on, finding the resolutions to these issues very soon.


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