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The particulars needed to organize and conduct a business varies from industry to industry. Having a CRM platform to help manage business operations and streamline the workforce is one of the most popular means of organizing a business. With so many industries making use of CRM solutions, it would be pertinent to come up with industry-specific solutions to address the individual needs of each particular organization. 


The RT Real Estate CRM is a CRM solution particularly developed for the real estate industry. The real estate industry could benefit tremendously from a tailor-made CRM platform that could help businesses consolidate all of their information such as various contacts like buyers or brokers, or property data. It could also help businesses organize their buyers, look for prospective leads, and help develop lasting relationships with their clients.


Having established the need for a CRM platform for the real estate industry, it is also important to look at the kind of solutions that businesses in real estate have at hand. So let us look at the features of one such solution, the RT Real Estate CRM plugin, powered by Rolustech.

Features of RT Real Estate

The RT Real Estate CRM software aims to facilitate businesses by providing them with custom-built modules, made especially to help consolidate all of the different variables that need to be taken into account in the real estate industry. In this way, companies can seamlessly manage their business operations, provide their employees access to relevant information and cultivate lasting relationships with their clients. Some of the most useful modules in the software are listed below.

Commission Analysis

A dedicated commissions module allows users to keep track of the commissions given by the company. The data is kept well-organized by listing commission details such as the agent’s account, property, status, and much more, with respect to each commission. This enables users to determine the commissions which perform better vis a vis certain agents or brokers. This can be leveraged to maximize profits by optimizing the company performance and therefore, to provide just the right services that their clients require. 

Lead Management

One of the great benefits of using RT Real Estate CRM is that it integrates seamlessly with any existing software or application that a company might be using, including all social media platforms. This allows all crucial company information to be accessible from a single database and therefore allows users to manage leads effectively from all sources. With the help of the CRM, lead management can be automated, all the way from lead capturing, to lead nurturing. Depending on the lead information gathered through contact forms, leads could be assigned to a specific channel with automatically triggered actions and paired with the right expert to help them nurture and convert.

Property Wizard

The property wizard is a comprehensive database containing all the properties that are available for purchase. This property wizard is also linked to the listings module and contains all the listings available to the company. The database contains details about all the properties, ranging from the number of rooms to the area and so on. Once the specific needs of a lead are determined, the property wizard can be used to find just the right kind of properties that the lead might be interested in.

Buyers Module

A real estate business requires an up-to-date comprehensive list of all their buyers in order to keep track of their operations. The buyers module contains a detailed list of all the buyers in the company’s history along with specific information about their budget, preferences, the sales rep assigned to them, along with their purchase history. Keeping an updated list of buyers allows companies to get a good overview of the way they conduct their business and what type of demographic can they target to increase revenue.

Sellers Module

Exactly like the buyers module, the sellers module also consists of a list of property sellers, complete with their detailed information such as the information about the property, the representative assigned to them, the personal information of the sellers, and the value of the transaction. Having a list of both, the buyers and the sellers, it can be easy for real estate businesses to match potential buyers and sellers that appear to be the right match.

Brokers Module

Brokers form an essential cog in the real estate machinery. It is important that a business keeps a list of all the brokers that it is in contact with and has been working with. Important details like personal information and percentage of commissions are essential to maintaining a comprehensive record for the business. This allows users to get in touch with relevant brokers when their expertise is specifically needed.

Marketing Automation

Users need to employ the latest and most rewarding marketing strategies in order to gain the maximum leads and increase their revenue. RT Real Estate CRM allows its users the ability to create automated marketing campaigns. This involves sending mass emails to all the customers present in the CRM database with information about the latest offers or trends in the real estate industry, as well as follow-up emails to touch base with their customers. This allows users to pitch the company’s services to contacts and stay in touch with buyers and sellers. Keeping contacts informed about the latest developments will allow companies to expand their customer base and ensure customer retention.

Transaction Management

Users can easily handle all transactions from within the CRM platform, including the creation of invoices and drafting quotes. The convenience offered to the users allows them to manage their business processes from a single platform and keep a consolidated monetary record in one place. Integrations with third-party apps like RT QuickBooks or SugarStripe also allows for an easier way to handle otherwise complicated accounting tasks and billing procedures.

Mobile Application

The RT Real Estate mobile application allows users to work while on-the-go and connect to customers from anywhere. The application enables users to be more flexible in their day-to-day operations and stay on top of their daily work. With the mobile application, users are constantly in touch with buyers, sellers, and brokers all at the same time and can close deals much faster and much more efficiently. Combined with the RT SalesMap, users can leverage the radial map to find nearby properties and speed up the business operations. 

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Rolustech powers the RT Real Estate CRM Solution that aims to revolutionize the way the real estate industry experiences CRM and acts as a ready-to-use plugin with your existing platforms. Leverage our expertise today to get the most out of your real estate CRM.



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