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While Customer Relationship Management (CRM) focuses on improving customer satisfaction by optimizing internal processes, Customer Experience Management (CXM) is more proactive in nature. It is able to preemptively understand and solve your customers’ problems. It aims to add value to each customer interaction and has a cumulative effect on customer satisfaction over time, resulting in business growth.

Enter RT CXM

rt cxm

The RT CXM plugin is Rolustech’s premier CXM solution for SugarCRM. It offers seamless integration between your WordPress website and Sugar so you can leverage valuable visitor profile information and intelligently interact with them in real time from within the Sugar interface. It is compatible with all SugarCRM editions and supports versions 7.5 and above.

Key Features

Automated Visitor Tracking

rt cxm

With the visitor tracking feature you have complete access to your leads’ complete website visit history along with useful stats such as the frequency of visits, visit location, time spent on a given page and browser and device information. Events like form submissions are also highlighted in the tracks list. The best part is whenever a user visits your WordPress website, RT CXM automatically starts tracking all of this behavioral information.

Automatic Lead Creation

As soon as the user submits the ‘Contact Us’ form, a new lead is automatically created in your Sugar with the user’s information including their device and geo-location. This allows your sales team to make more informed decisions on how to engage that particular customer.

Social Information and Insights

rt cxm

RT CXM also pulls the lead’s social information and interests based on their submitted email address and stores them inside Sugar. Thus, RT CXM lets you effectively profile them by leveraging public social information available against the provided email address and conveniently presents these details as show above. RT CXM focuses deeply on social giants i.e. Google, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, for comprehensive customer insights. With the information from these sources at your disposal, you also have the freedom to choose exactly what you want to update in the lead’s record.

Real Time Chat with helpful suggestions

rt cxm

With real time chats you can start delivering service right when the prospect is hot and likely to be interested in your products/services. RT CXM offers suggestions and insights to Sugar users if it feels that a user is showing interest for a particular product or service on the website, prompting your salesperson to offer the required service and close the deal in an instant.

Visitor Notifications

rt cxm

You get live notifications about online visitors along with their current page location. These notifications also include your visitors’ current availability status and/or a message they have sent to you, and a button to either view or start a chat.

Customer History Tracking

If a client repeatedly visits your website, you can engage them and see whether they require your services. You can see also see the complete chat history of a specific customer comprising of all the sessions they have had with you in the support forum. Also any possibility of cross selling and up-selling can be identified by the insights provided by RT CXM.

The Bottom Line!

RT CXM enables you to proactively interact with real time traffic on your website from within the Sugar interface. It seamlessly passes all behavioral information from your website to Sugar allowing you to approach and communicate with your customers in a more informed fashion. It lets you treat your customers as individuals and offers you a chance to provide them with a more personalized and hands-on experience.

Make your customers your top priority today with the FREE RT CXM 30 day trial! If you would like to learn more about RT CXM or our complete range of SugarCRM add ons and plugins, you can get in touch and schedule a Free CRM Consultation Session. We would be happy to help!

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