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RT GSync is an award winning SugarCRM plugin proposed as an ultimate data syncing solution between SugarCRM and Google services. Within the domain of Google services, RT GSync caters to Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Google Emails (Gmail), and Google Drive (GDrive), offering two-way and priority based data synchronization.  Two-way synchronization activates synchronization of information from both platforms i.e. Google and SugarCRM and makes them sender and receiver both simultaneously. Whereas the priority based synchronization is a feature that liberates users to choose one platform as a sender and the other as a receiver.

Helping innumerable SugarCRM users worldwide, RT GSync has grabbed significant attention in CRM marketplace and is the most used solution in terms of Google data syncing. The key features behind its fame and functionality are:

1.    Calendar Syncing

Calendar sync enables synchronization of all calendar entries available at Google calendar and SugarCRM’s calendar so that the user doesn’t have to navigate between the two applications in search of the scheduled or performed tasks entered at one platform or he doesn’t have to enter the calendar entry at two different programs manually to keep himself updated. With RT GSync integration, any change occurring on one platform will automatically modify entries on the other front. Say you have created a meeting in your SugarCRM and your two-way syncing is enabled, you will see the meeting entry on your Google Calendar simultaneously. The process is quick and efficient enough to bring changes from one instance to the other in a blink.

2.    Contact Syncing

Just as a calendar syncing, RT GSync manages synchronization of every single detail of contacts between Gmail and SugarCRM. Most of the times, users manage their contact base over Gmail and then they prefer to use Sugar’s default email campaigns to initiate marketing strategies through Sugar’s interface. The hurdle they face in their way in such scenario is to import Gmail contact to SugarCRM but with GSync, the issue does not exist anymore.  A single click can import all your contacts from Gmail to SugarCRM or from SugarCRM to Gmail.

3.    Email Archiving

RT GSync automates email archiving for all the incoming and outgoing emails no matter which email client you are using, the emails data gets synchronized from one interface to the other. This is not all as the synced data is then associated with the concerned records to facilitate managing correspondence history. If you send and receive emails from Gmail then automatically the emails are archived with the associated records in SugarCRM.

4.    G-Drive Syncing

Drive syncing is an amazing feature of RT GSync that flawlessly synchronizes G-Drive data into SugarCRM’s respective module and vice versa. The syncing option is supported for all the extensions. Data synced using RT GSync can be found in the related module of both interface, for instance, if you sync documents from G-Drive, you can easily assess those from SugarCRM’s document module. This feature of drive sync is limited to SugarCRM 6 (on site) only.

RT GSync is undoubtedly a blessing and a receiver of SugarCRM’s “App of the month” award that is not browser specific hence works vigorously with all browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari etc.

What are you waiting for? Integrate RT GSync with your SugarCRM and start managing your business through a single interface.

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