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For most companies, one of their major challenges is to boost the productivity of their sales team and optimize their schedules. Now, you see your competitors growing because they leverage the best technological solutions to streamline their sales processes and create strong business relationships. 

What are these companies doing differently that has given them a competitive advantage?

The secret: The highly successful businesses are leveraging RT SalesMap Mobile App. It has taken the productivity of their sales reps to the next level so they can focus more on closing deals. 

Here’s a rundown of what makes RT SalesMap Mobile App the best field service management software for a company aiming to drive efficiency in its business processes and win more deals. 

Seamlessly Synchronize Meetings and Contacts 

Leverage RT SalesMap Mobile App to stay on top of your day with effective planning to make the most of your time. RT SalesMap Mobile App will allow your sales reps to plan beforehand and be fully aware of the contacts they need to visit in a day. It’s simple and easy. By utilizing RT SalesMap Mobile App as a field workforce management software, your workforce can make the most of their time. Just synchronize your meetings and contacts with the app to attach trips corresponding to the relevant contact for effective time management.

Save Time by Grouping Multiple Visits

Optimize your schedule on the go by creating trips for the day with a clear map of all the client visits or sales prospects. This gives the users a quick glimpse into their day so they can save time due to rerouting and take the optimized routes to save time and focus on meeting the maximum number of clients in a day. Hence, using the RT SalesMap as the best field service management software will help you deliver the services to your clients at the right time without any delays. 

Efficiently Plan Routes 

Maximize your business efficiency by finding the best route to save time with RT SalesMap Mobile App as the best field sales management software. RT SalesMap App gives users a clear map of the destination from their source location. Now, you won’t spend more time traveling and being stuck on routes that take a major chunk of your day but be with your prospective customers to close leads at a faster rate. 

Improve Accessibility with Search

Leverage the search feature in the RT SalesMap Mobile App to easily locate different contacts, leads, and accounts from your Sugar, right on the map. This will make it easy for you to make the most of your schedule and keep track of time by determining the distances of the leads. 

Real-Time Directions Through Google Maps

By integrating Sugar with RT SalesMap Mobile App, you don’t need to worry about juggling different apps to find the right directions. Sugar will give you all the details of a relevant lead while Google Maps will take you to the specified address from within a single platform. As a result, you can have seamless operations and get things done in time just like you would do by investing in the best field operations management software. 

Proper Record Segmentation

Keep all your records updated in the RT SalesMap App to leverage proper record segmentation and to accurately identify the pins on the maps. To have proper record segmentation, the records in the RT SalesMap Mobile App are mapped to SugarCRM. This will ensure that all records in the app are automatically updated and cut down the hassle of manual data entry. 

Optimize Your Routes and Close Leads Faster 

Simply drag and drop the contacts, leads or accounts and instantly get the shortest and optimized route for meetings or to deliver services. RT SalesMap Mobile App will allow users to focus more on closing the leads and create meaningful relationships with the clients to leverage it as the best field service management software for small businesses. 

All Set To Empower Your Sales Reps to Drive More Sales?

RT SalesMap Mobile App will optimize the schedule of your sales reps to save time and close more deals. It will truly unlock the potential in your business and skyrocket the revenues by planning beforehand, seamlessly tracking leads and do more in less time. 

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