RT SugarVoice – How Voice Assistant Technology Can Transform your CRM?

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Have you ever thought about getting things done by just talking to your CRM? Imagine interacting with all the data and functions in your CRM with the power of voice through voice-enabled technology. Seems unreal? Not really! 

Artificial Intelligence in business has changed the future of CRM and for the better. With voice assistants being used at a fast pace, you can also leverage them in your business through CRM integration. The best part is that one of the highly popular voice assistant platform Alexa can now be integrated to your Sugar- making your CRM interactions fast and simple through voice command software. As one of the best business intelligence software in 2019, Alexa integration with CRM looks like an amazing combination. Let’s find out. 

To transform the experience of CRM users, Rolustech has come up with its innovative SugarCRM Plugin, RT SugarVoice. You can leverage the plugin by integrating it in your Sugar and perform numerous functions with just your voice. To further delve into how you can talk to your Sugar, let’s explore the RT SugarVoice plugin and how its unique features can benefit your business.  

What is RT SugarVoice Plugin?

RT SugarVoice plugin integrates Alexa with your Sugar. CRM users can leverage voice assistant technology in a number of ways to revolutionize their business. With RT Sugar Alexa, you can easily retrieve information from your CRM with just simple voice commands and even schedule events to boost productivity. Moreover, you can also find out how your business is performing by asking questions about your sales pipeline to Alexa Intelligent assistant. 

Features of RT SugarVoice

There’s always so much to do in a day but never enough time. Most often, employees have to multi-task to meet deadlines and achieve goals. But with RT SugarVoice you can boost productivity and hit the ground running by just talking to your Sugar and leverage your voice command software.

Schedule Day-to-Day Tasks

With your RT SugarVoice, you don’t need to worry about looking at your calendar and finding the time and date for a meeting or a task. Isn’t this amazing? The best part is that you can create and schedule events in your Sugar with simple voice commands to Alexa. Moreover, if you want to schedule a call from your Sugar, you can do it right away by just giving a command to Alexa. 

Add Attendees to Events

Just like you can schedule meetings in your Sugar with RT SugarVoice, you can further automate your work with just your voice. For example, after scheduling a meeting or event with your RT SugarVoice, you don’t have to go through the hassle of creating the list of attendees and inviting them. Leverage the leads module and contacts in your CRM platform with your voice command software and Sugar Integration and just tell your RT SugarVoice plugin to add attendees to events. 

Dictate Notes for Better Productivity 

In a meeting or on a call, employees usually spend a lot of time taking notes. However, this time can be utilized in a better way to focus on the tasks that matter. But, how can you take notes without writing or typing? 

The simple answer: dictate notes to Alexa, so you can fully leverage voice assistant technology.

This is where RT SugarVoice users get a competitive advantage as it allows CRM users to create and attach notes to meetings, calls, and different tasks through voice interface technology. Moreover, you can also dictate notes through RT SugarVoice and attach them to other modules in your Sugar for better efficiency and get instant access to the relevant information. All this is possible only by integrating voice command software with CRM through the RT SugarVoice plugin. 

Stay Updated With Your Schedule

Stay on top of things with quick updates on your schedule with the help of voice assistant technology for businesses. Just ask Alexa about things planned for the day in your CRM and get a summary of your day with the RT SugarVoice plugin. 

Find Out What’s Happening

With Alexa, you don’t need to worry about missing any important activities in your day. Skip the hassle to look at your calendar and just ask Alexa about any upcoming events. So, with Alexa and Sugar Integration, just talk to Alexa to find out information about the upcoming events. 

Effective Time Management

Time management is important to drive efficiency in your business and perform at your best. Manage and track your time with RT SugarVoice plugin and make the most out of your voice command software for business, so that you know when to take a break to refuel your energy or allot time to a different task during the day.

Set Reminders

After setting up an event or scheduling a meeting in your CRM, you can be at peace because RT SugarVoice will give you reminders about the upcoming events. Hence, Alexa will be there to notify you about all your meetings so you don’t miss any deadline and make the most of your day. 

That’s a Wrap!

Interact with your Sugar through voice commands to get more done in less time with the RT SugarVoice plugin. Leverage voice assistant technology for businesses to make your work easier, simple and interactive with RT SugarVoice and drive efficiency in your organization!

Rolustech is a SugarCRM Certified Partner firm. We have helped more than 700 firms with various SugarCRM Services. Get in touch today for your FREE Business Analysis. We will be happy to assist you! 

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