Sage Line 50 Integration with Sugar CRM

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Sage is a company best known for its products that appeal to small businesses. One such product that has gained quite some popularity over the past is an accounting software known as Sage 50. It is a must-have tool for SMEs looking to streamline their accounting processes as well as financial management.

Another tool that can help these businesses streamline their operations, mostly marketing, and sales, is a CRM by the name of Sugar. Although equally suited to larger enterprises, Sugar by SugarCRM is widely accepted in small businesses due to its robust reporting and workflow automation features. Other reasons for Sugar’s popularity include the flexibility that it offers in customization and the wide variety of SugarCRM plugins and integration options available in the market. Examples of these options include the SugarStripe (Payment Gateway), telephony features, and advanced data analytics integration options.

However, the parallel use of Sage Accounting with CRM entails a number of inefficiencies, one of them being the constant need to update data between both the applications to keep them in sync. These inefficiencies can be avoided, without having to lose upon the benefits that both the applications have to offer, through Sage integration with Sugar. SugarCRM integration with Sage 50 holds great potential benefits. These benefits are outlined below.

SugarCRM Sage 50 Integration Benefits

The most prominent benefit of Sage Integration with Sugar would be the increase in functionality of the CRM, where accounting entries can be carried out from within the CRM, updating the Sage Accounting database automatically without the need of manual data re-entry. Apart from that, a few more advantages of SugarCRM Sage 50 integration are explained.

Availability of Critical Information

SugarCRM Sage 50 integration allows data sync between the two applications. Therefore, any information that is entered in either of the software can be viewed from the other also. Furthermore, all the consolidated data about customers, including their payment and purchase details, will be available from within the CRM Sugar. This enrichment of data within the CRM, paired with the reporting capabilities of Sugar, will make available some critical information for the relevant users.

Sage Inventory Items Sync With Sugar Product Catalog

When one member of the sales team is engaging with clients, he can easily cross-sell or up-sell using the Sugar instance. This is possible through Sage integration with Sugar. This integration would allow the product and inventory information stored in the Sage Accounting database to be viewed from Sugar. This integration also helps with inventory management.

Workflow Automation

A number of workflows can be automated through this Sage integration with Sugar. For example, the automatic generation of invoices from Sage 50 when a lead is closed/won in SugarCRM. Other examples can be those of automatic generation of thank-you emails in the Sugar instance once an entry is passed in Sage 50 regarding receipt of payment, as well as sending commands to Sage Accounting from within the Sugar instance to send quotes to specified clients.

Improved Co-ordination Between Various Departments

Since both the products being integrated appeal to different functional departments within a business organization, including the Accounting and Finance, Marketing, and Sales departments, the Sage integration with Sugar can result in better coordination among teams belonging to all of these departments and consequently, improve visibility of information and transparency. Hence, these departments can use this SugarCRM Sage 50 integration as a means of effective collaboration.

Other Synchronizations

There are a variety of synchronization benefits available through SugarCRM Sage 50 integration. These include:

  • Synchronization of Sage 50 contacts with Sugar contacts
  • One-way sync between Sage invoices and Sugar sales history
  • Synchronization of Sugar quotes to Sage quotes
  • VAT rate synchronization

All these synchronizations allow for real-time updates in the databases for both applications. Therefore, any data entered in any one of the applications will be updated automatically in the other one.

Over To You!

Sage 50 has established its reputation with the SMEs. However, the accounting software on its own wouldn’t be able to solve all business problems. A CRM would be the best option to pair with Sage 50 as businesses navigate their growth stages. And what other CRM would be better to integrate with Sage Accounting than SugarCRM? Sugar by SugarCRM is well known in the market due to the flexibility in SugarCRM customization as well as the integration options that it offers. Integrate it with Sage 50 to leverage benefits in your accounting processes.

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