Saying Goodbye to Sugar 8.0 and How You Can Move On

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As you may already know, Sugar 9 was released this April and is now generally available to all Sugar on-site and on-demand customers. As is the case with all beginnings, this release also marks an end. The time has come for Sugar 8.0’s end-of-life, which will take place on October 31st, 2019. Sugar 8.0 earned a lot of critical acclaim for improvements across that board that helped solidify SugarCRM as a dominant force in the CRM industry, and Sugar 9.0 takes things up a notch with all new automation mechanisms that can elevate your business to the next level. We have already discussed the features of Sugar 9.0 in detail and it is clear that the benefits they entail are immense. Sooner or later your organization is going to need to decide how to move forward. Let’s take a look at your options as Sugar 8.0 nears its end of life

Upgrade to Sugar 9.0

The most obvious option would be to upgrade to the latest version of Sugar 9.0. This may seem complicated though, considering you probably already have a system up and running and having to upgrade it may seem tricky, and at the very least, pretty inconvenient. That’s where we’ve got you covered! Rolustech offers a seamless SugarCRM Upgrade Service that keeps your current customizations and integrations intact and moves your instance on to the latest Sugar version. Let’s take a look at exactly how the process works, so it’s easier for you to make your decision!

The Upgrade Process  

Sugar Upgrade Form

The Sugar upgrade process starts with you filling out a simple form where you outline details about your current implementation. This gives us a starting point to work towards how your system works and how to map out your upgrade process. 

Business Audit

Based on the details you provide, our team of Certified SugarCRM Experts will begin a detailed analysis of your system and determine the many possibilities in terms of how to go about the upgrade.

Optimal Solution

Once the audit is complete, our experts will recommend an optimal solution based on what the best way to proceed with your system upgrade would be.


When the optimal solution has been agreed upon, all there’s left to do is to implement it. You can sit back and relax at this point because Rolustech has vast experience in the Sugar ecosystem and will make sure you get the quickest, most seamless and convenient upgrade without you having to fret over anything!

Sugar 8

That covers how effortless an upgrade can be if you have the right people on the wheel. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your upgrade today so you have ample time before Sugar 8.0 reaches the end of its life.


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