Style guide in Sugar CRM 7



Sugar CRM 7 is built on a new frame work. Launched towards the end of 2013, little help is available related to it. But diving inside Sugar 7 reveals that a lot of help full documentation is available once you have installed it. Navigating to the Admin panel, in the Developer Tools section treasure is hidden for developers. And this treasure is named “Styleguide (Lab)”.  Once user clicks on this link the next page shows categories that include Core Elements, Default Module Layout, Default List View, Default Record Create View, Example Sugar 7 Fields and Updating Documentation.


Default Module Layout, Default List View and Default Record Create View sections shows the new layout used for list view and record view. Core Elements sections is the most interesting one as it includes HTML, CSS and JavaScript help for user interface components and interactions.

In comparison to version 6, the whole layout has changed in Sugar CRM 7 and getting to know about the CSS and JavaScript used for making the interactive interface of version 7 is a pleasure for the developers. Core Elements section further contain the following categorization:

  • Base CSS
  • Layout & Views
  • Form Elements
  • Dashboards
  • Components
  • Charting

These sections contain help full documentation that user can explore any time.


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