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Subpanels in SugarRM provide additional information to users regarding any given record they are viewing. This additional information is of immense importance as users can see related records on the same page. We recently had to create a customization that included showing subpanels on a Contact’s Edit View.

For this, we enabled the option of showing subpanels in view.edit.php.

$this->options [‘show_subpanels’] = true;

After enabling subpanels in contacts’ edit view, when a record was created or selected using the subpanels create or select buttons, nothing happened. That covered the easy part, leaving the tricky part of making the sub panel buttons work.

For subpanels’ button functioning, we had to override the SubPanelTiles display() function and call the custom SubPanelTiles.js within it. In the custom SubPanelTiles.js, we identified all occurrences where form elements were accessed from the Detail View and replaced them with Edit View. After a repair and rebuild, the subpanels in edit view were working fine.

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