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The Sugar Connector for LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to bridge the gap between Sugar and LinkedIn Sales Navigator so all of your sales activity can be standardized within a single platform. This means that you can now leverage the power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator and work directly with your own data all within Sugar to make things all the more convenient for your sales reps. But, what exactly is the Sugar Connector for LinkedIn and how does it benefit your business? Let’s find out!

What Is the Sugar Connector for Linkedin Sales Navigator?

As is apparent from its name, it connects LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator to your CRM. What this means is that, after SugarCRM integration with this connector, you can basically just manage all of your sales navigator on LinkedIn from within Sugar. Furthermore, you can also have all of your LinkedIn data synchronized with your CRM data, hence, significantly increasing your information bank on leads, contacts, and accounts.

The Sugar Connector for LinkedIn Sales Navigator is available as a dashboard in an account, lead, or contact record view. All you need to do is click on an account, lead, or contact’s name and the dashboard will appear with the rest of the record. It is apparent that this is much more convenient than having to manage things separately on LinkedIn, but there’s a lot more to it than just convenience. Take a look at some of the features that come with the Sugar Connector for LinkedIn to learn how it can play an important role in enhancing your sales process.

Features & Benefits

Recommended Leads

The connector allows you to prioritize important leads that you want to reach out to and then lets you save them in the LinkedIn Sales Navigator from your CRM. This means that your sales reps can use CRM data to determine the priority given to a lead and then, through the connector, get recommendations on leads who conform to the factors the priority was determined through. The sales navigator that ensues will also be managed after the prospect has been locked. This all can be done from within a single platform without having to go back and forth between two different tools and making sure that all of the data is up-to-date on both.

Related Leads

With the Sugar Connector for LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can also streamline your sales process through quicker lead generation. The connector takes into account the process that was followed to determine a lead as well as the profiles of the leads you are currently pursuing to show you related leads that could be promising prospects based on their similarities to your current leads. This makes the lead tracking process significantly easier, thus increasing the overall efficiency of your sales department.

Get Introduced

Finding your leads isn’t all that Sugar Connector for LinkedIn Sales Navigator can do for you. The connector will also allow you to leverage your existing network by showing you any common LinkedIn connections that you can ask to introduce you to your leads via InMail. This way, you aren’t left hanging, wondering how to proceed with initiating contact. This automatically strengthens the confidence of your lead too, since you’ll be reaching out through a trusted source and there will be a level of trust established before you even begin interacting with the lead!


Okay, so you’ve reached out to a lead. They know who you are, and they know what you do. They also probably know several other salespeople selling the same thing to them. So, how do you differentiate yourself then? As if all of the benefits a CRM entails for salespeople weren’t already immense, the Sugar Connector for LinkedIn Sales Navigator also provides users a set of possible icebreakers that include mutual connections, companies in common, and even articles any given lead has shown interest in. These help the business break ice with the lead and to begin forming a meaningful relationship instead of just delivering a standardized sales pitch that the lead has probably heard from someone already.

Keep up with Important News

Don’t miss out on any important updates on the accounts you’re doing or pursuing business with. The Sugar Connector for LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides all of the latest updates about your accounts in a separate news tab within your CRM so you can make sure you are always prepared to interact with your leads and clients with all of the necessary information.

Why Is It Important?

You’ve seen how the features of the Sugar Connector for LinkedIn Sales Navigator can entail a myriad of additional CRM benefits for your sales team as well as your organization as a whole. We can now talk about why these benefits should be important to you. In the hyper-competitive landscape that most businesses operate in today, just reaching out to leads doesn’t quite cut it. You have to really speak to them and build a meaningful relationship if you want them to do business with you specifically in the midst of the abundance of other options that they have. The Sugar Connector for LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps you do exactly that. Starting from identifying the right leads all the way to finding a common ground that helps you gain their trust, the connector fully equips your CRM to help you out with it all so you can stand out to your leads as more than just another business trying to sell something to them. So, take your SugarCRM implementation up a notch and get integrated with the Sugar Connector for LinkedIn Sales Navigator to equip your sales team with some incredibly powerful tools.

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