Sugar Fall ’18: Here’s What’s New in Sugar 8.2

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Sugar Fall ‘18 is here with a number of new additions to make Sugar all the more sweet. The new update codenamed Sugar 8.2 is available for all customers on the Sugar Cloud (previously Sugar On-Demand) and comes with updates in three core areas that had customers on the edge since time immemorial. Just kidding! Sugar had us all in the dark and the new features are so unique you wouldn’t have realized you needed them in the first place. This goes on to show how SugarCRM has managed to perfect its craft to the point where they realize customer needs before the customers themselves.

Let’s dissect this update in a little more detail.

(Head over here for our breakdown of the Summer release Sugar 8.1)

Quotes Configuration in Sugar 8.2

Sugar 8.2 comes with an amazing functionality in Quotes Configuration that gives you the ability to modify your quotes in unprecedented ways. SugarCRM has reiterated its commitment to investing heavily in CPQ compatibility with this new addition. As an administrator in Sugar 8.2, you can configure the Quotes module to suit your business needs and customize it to represent your organization. The Quotes section is an integral part of any business using Sugar and, therefore, should reflect the organization properly. Data relevant to the business should be visible and everything else should be removed to provide a clean interface. The days when organizations had to make use of Sugar Customization to make these modifications to their Quotes module are now behind us. Now Sugar administrators themselves can make changes at will i.e. adding, removing, or rearranging fields, with a simplified method that involves no coding. To do this, just head over to Products and Quotes and look for Quotes Configurations, from here on just expand the sections you need to configure and add/delete with a simple drag and drop. This makes it easier to generate clear and accurate quotes for prospects and customers.

Data Visualization in Sugar 8.2

Data visualization is immensely important to get a holistic view of the business. One of the key reasons why CRM is so integral to businesses today is because of how it pulls relevant insightful information on huge databases and improves efficiency and productivity. With Sugar 8.2, reports come with new grouped charts

  • Grouped Vertical Bar
  • Grouped Horizontal Bar

These new bar charts improve the existing graphs to provide even more business insights. With the existing charts, you could only see insights exclusive to that instance e.g revenue in Q1, or Q2. With Grouped bar charts, you can easily make comparisons between two or more instances to get a holistic view of your organization and its goals, ensuring improved productivity.


Advanced Workflow in Sugar 8.2

Business automation functionalities are the need of the hour and Sugar continues to invest in this with these new advanced workflows. In Sugar 8.2, your email templates will automatically include recipients from all modules related to the record in question. So if a Sugar administrator changes a status, all interested parties will get a notification email when the email is sent. This greatly increases business productivity and ensures multiple cogs are synchronized.

Preferred Currencies in Sugar 8.2

Also with Sugar 8.2, users can add/specify their own preferred currency in the Product Catalog. Simply enable Create Revenue Line Items in Preferred Currency option in the user profile. This small update intends to help users manage their financial engagements more efficiently.


Our Two Bits!

The new release by SugarCRM has taken Sugar to new heights, raising the functionality of the CRM by a considerable margin. Even though the previous Sugar version, Sugar 8.1, did not lack in any major area, but the new Sugar 8.2 has shown that SugarCRM does not hold back when it comes to innovation or client satisfaction. Quotes configuration, Advanced Workflow, and Preferred Currencies are some of the major highlights of Sugar 8.2 features. So start planning your SugarCRM upgrade now!


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