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Nearly every occupation in the world has witnessed reorientation within its ranks after the advent of intricate software and applications. The field of Accounting is no different.

No longer are accountants sitting in their little cubicles hunched over calculators and record books. They might be analyzing millions of data entries to understand why their company’s financial reports don’t add up. Or, they might be in a meeting, presenting vital facts which could potentially lead their firm into the veracious financial direction.

Furthermore, CRM applications are being widely adopted by businesses because of their ability to make jobs easier for every department of a business entity. Many leading business ventures such as Audi AG have deployed SugarCRM for their management needs. From Sales and Marketing to Customer Service and Human Resources, CRM allows different departments to collaborate on various business processes and the Accounts department is no exception.

That’s why today we’re here to make your accounting even more productive with our brand-new product! We will make crunching numbers a lot easier because this will not only enhance your accounting process but will also make a big difference in your management capabilities. Hence, to meet the growing demand of accounting software integration with CRM, the talented Certified Sugar development team at Rolustech decided to develop ready-to-use solutions for all your accounting needs. In this blog entry, we will explore the features of our most popular Accounting plugins for Sugar.

RT QuickBooks

Sugar Integration with QuickBooks

With over 1.4 million online subscribers, QuickBooks is the most popular Accounting software worldwide. Its collaborative tools and advanced reporting features make it an integral tool for modern day Accounting. After integrating QuickBooks for a number of clients, we decided to pick the most popular QuickBooks features sought by our clients and roll them into a powerful plugin now known as RT QuickBooks.

What is RT QuickBooks?

Integrate SugarCRM with QuickBooks

This is basically a SugarCRM plugin that uses the unification of QuickBooks with Sugar to untangle the Accounting, Sales and Management requirements for your business venture. Being the perfect tweak of integration, this plugin will allow data migration from your Sugar to QuickBooks, hence, paving the way for swift business payments, optimized payroll functions and easy payment of bills.

Why Use This SugarCRM and QuickBooks Integration?

While every other firm will be out trying to identify the bugs in their Accounting records, RT QuickBooks will do the job for you. RT QuickBooks eliminates the need of repetitive data entry and manual sync, allowing your team to focus on more important work instead.

This SugarCRM Integration with QuickBooks will enable both applications to run simultaneously, hence, allowing swift and robust sharing of information between the two, saving important time and costs. Your firm will be using the crucial features of both applications such as synchronization of customers, inventory management, sales invoice and viewing financial history. It will, also, be able to achieve a panoramic view of its customers with just this one QuickBooks integration with their Sugar.

(RT Quickbooks is compatible with all Sugar versions up to Sugar 9)

The SugarCRM and QuickBooks Connection: RT QuickBooks Demo

RT QuickBooks unites your Sugar with QuickBooks bi-directionally to facilitate swift business payments, payroll functions and billing features. With its powerful features, RT QuickBooks ensures that your Accounting team will never have to sync data manually or enter it repetitively. It automatically synchronizes inventories, sales invoices, customer payments and financial history, giving you a bird’s-eye view of all your finances.

What Are the Features of RT QuickBooks

View Sync History

With SugarCRM and QuickBooks integration, your firm will be able to track the sync history using the help of business logs and entries. Your venture will become capable of rectifying financial contradictions using error messages found in the QuickBooks log files.

Sync on Demand

This integration will allow your venture to sync a record promptly to QuickBooks whenever and wherever it is desired. This will significantly diminish the wait process that is conventionally required. Allow your Sugar and QuickBooks to pool their resources. What will be the result? An immediate synchronization of data at record and module levels.

Priority Configuration

Cases of double data entry have haunted accountants for a long time. Integration of Sugar and QuickBooks might just be the solution. This integration will allow you to designate either Sugar or QuickBooks as a parent or child station. If the data and entries have witnessed a change simultaneously; the information available on parent station will counter and veto the information present at child station, thereby, providing a resolution without any conflict.

Bidirectional Customers Synchronization

Save valuable time and money through prevention of repetitive data entry by syncing the existing customer base with the new customers in QuickBooks and Sugar using RT QuickBooks. This plugin will automatically synchronize QuickBooks customers and Sugar Accounts bidirectionally and will keep the two forums up-to-date. Thus, this would mean that if a new customer appears, it won’t matter if his entry is made in Sugar or in QuickBooks. Since both are amalgamated, entry into either one will update the other.

Integrate SugarCRM with QuickBooks

Assign Teams for Sync Processes

Assign either custom or global teams to the records synchronized from QuickBooks to Sugar using RT QuickBooks.

Customized Scheduling

RT QuickBooks gives you complete control over your scheduling needs. Not only can you control how frequently you need Sugar and QuickBooks to sync, you can also choose what to sync and what to leave out.

Other Features Include

  • Map Sugar fields and modules onto QuickBooks and vice versa
  • Categorize transactions using different classes and add tax-value to manage tax payments

RT Xero

Sugar Integration with Xero

While QuickBooks is the most popular online accounting software, Xero is quickly becoming the preferred choice for many small businesses. With nearly a million subscribers, Xero’s growth prompted us to develop another plugin for small businesses: RT Xero – SugarCRM Integration with Xero.

RT Xero Features

RT Xero connects Sugar with Xero, synchronizing your accounting data with the Sugar instance. This, in turn, allows streamlining of business processes while also giving you detailed insights into your company’s finances. With its powerful two-way syncing features, RT Xero empowers you to create invoices from within your Sugar, trigger Sugar workflows based on Xero data, view details of your Accounting data and so on. Below are the key features of RT Xero.

Initial Sync Wizard

Setting up RT Xero for your Sugar is a matter of a few clicks.

Detection of Matching Records

Resolve repetitive data entry conflicts within seconds using RT Xero’s detection of matching records.

Contact Sync

Contacts and Records in Sugar and Xero are synchronized both ways.

Invoice Sync

All customer invoices from Xero can be viewed in Sugar’s Accounts and Contacts modules.

Sync Purchases

Purchases from suppliers will display on both the Account and Contact records in Sugar.

Bidirectional Sync Control

Choose whether to sync from Sugar to Xero, Xero to Sugar or both ways. RT Xero allows you to set up synchronization priorities separately for each module.

Automated Synchronization

Choose how frequently to sync your data by having complete control over RT Xero scheduler.

Multi Support

Includes support for multiple currencies, companies as well as tax rates.

Print and Email PDF Invoices

Provides the ability to download, email or print invoices from Sugar.

How Will This Integration Help My Business?

Every other accountant in your competitive firms will be looking at his numbers in horror and hoping that he sees some sort of trends. These integration options will remove the complexities from your Accounting and Management needs by integrating Sugar with either QuickBooks or Xero. Business ventures will be allowed to make use of SugarCRM for Financial Services concurrently to Accounting software, therefore, making them capable of engendering invoices for the purpose of managing payrolls.

RT QuickBooks and RT Sugar Xero will present you with a bird’s eye view of your customer base from within your Sugar. Your Sugar and Accounting platforms will be updated automatically because of the bidirectional synchronization features. And don’t forget, all of this seemingly tedious work will be done automatically while you work; meaning no more repetitive data inputs. Not just this, leveraging SugarCRM will also help in devising effective business strategies. Just imagine the amount of time and money your business can save with CRM implementation along with SugarCRM plugins.

Do these kind of benefits sound as enticing to you as they do to us? Well, this could be the right time to sail the arithmetic ship with RT QuickBooks. Or you could hop on the bandwagon of the industry players implementing RT Sugar Xero. So make the most out of your Sugar and bring transformation in your accounting processes by leveraging these CRM plugins with a Financial Services CRM.

Rolustech is a Certified SugarCRM Partner and has successfully completed more than 600 projects in SugarCRM Customization, Integration, Migration and Support. We have more than a decade’s experience in providing CRM development and implementation services. Contact us now for your FREE CRM Consultation. We will be happy to assist you!

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