Sugar and Magento Integration


Growing needs of businesses have contributed towards the rise of Enterprise Application Integration.  Software Industry has numerous ready-to-use solutions for various business requirements. However, it is impossible to find a solution that meets all the business requirements. Using different IT solutions for diverse needs is an expensive as well as inefficient approach, leaving enterprises with two options. Either to improve a solution enabling it to meet distinct needs or to integrate different IT solutions. Nonetheless, Integrations are easy to achieve and result in IT solutions that are more efficient and productive. Sugar is undoubtedly one of the best CRM and Magento is one of the best E-commerce solution. Merging these two IT solutions brings a lot more advantages for a business, and that makes Sugar and Magento integration an interesting discussion.

Why Magento?

Magento is an E-commerce solution that allows you to build your online store. Usefulness of this solution is evident from the fact that it has been downloaded more than three million times and has over 1 million registered users.

Being flexible and deeply customizable makes it a stand out E-commerce solution for building web stores. It allows module uploading to extend the basic functionality moreover, it is integration friendly.  Features like Layered navigation, wish list, product comparisons, orders history and advanced search ensure customers satisfaction. Order, invoices, products and stocks management makes running a store smooth. Not only that, SEO, upselling, cross-selling and promotions engine guarantee growth of the business.  To sum up, Magento is the perfect choice if you are looking to build an online store for your business.

Why a business needs Sugar?  Here are answers to all your questions.

Why Magento and Sugar Integration?

Magento can’t compete Sugar for Customer Relationship Management. Similarly, Sugar cannot perform better than Magento in E-commerce. Hence, you need to Integrate Magento and Sugar to achieve best possible results.

Magento allows you to collect an enormous amount of data about users including orders, invoices, products in the wish list, recently viewed products and abandoned carts.  This Integration will allow you to synchronize Magento Customers with Sugar Contacts and the ability to associate all the data with Contacts in Sugar.  Advance customer data with behavior information in Sugar open a whole lot of possibilities: improve customer relationships, ability to filter contacts, creating marketing campaigns and much more. To sum up, this is the most effective and efficient available IT solutions for customer relationship Management in E-commerce.

Do you want the best E commerce solution and best CRM solution at your disposal?  Rolustech can help you with integration of Magento and Sugar.

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