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The Sugar Mobile Software Development Kit, also known as Sugar SDK, just got a sweet new version with improvements and updates across the board. Those familiar with SugarCRM or SDK, in general, know that an SDK basically allows developers and organizations to build native or responsive apps for mobile. It connects with the Sugar instance and gives you the framework to create apps with tailored functionality. We’ve broken down all the cool features of the Sugar SDK so check it out for more on that.

Moving on to what’s new in the Sugar Mobile 6.4.0! A number of bug fixes and performance enhancement functionalities pave the way for a more robust and inclusive Sugar Mobile experience. Here’s a breakdown of the updates for both Android and iOS.

SugarCRM Mobile 6.4.0 for Android and iOS

There are two distinct features in version 6.4.0:

Download Quote as PDF

Quotes can now be downloaded as PDF using the available PDF templates in the Sugar platform. These PDF templates can be created by the system administrator and used by the users to download Quotes. The process is very straightforward. Head on over to the “Options Icon” in the top right corner when you’re in the Quotes module viewing a record. You’ll notice new options for each PDF template available. In this instance, the two available PDF templates are “Quote PDF” and “Invoice PDF”.
Sugar Mobile SDK

Clicking the download button will open the PDF in your system and you can choose to save it from there. The Download Quote PDF functionality is only compatible with Sugar versions 8.3 and above and only works on Sugar Mobile.

Offline File Attachment

In Sugar Mobile, you can easily attach files to records in a number of formats, provided the record has an option for attachments. If you decide to upload a file, it will be viewable by other Sugar users. However, in Sugar Mobile 6.4.0, Sugar users can attach images and files (i.e. .pdf, .txt. .xls) to records in offline mode as well. This is an amazing new functionality that is worth its weight in gold for sales departments. Stable internet connectivity is seldom assured out on the field, but with this new feature, you can attach files and queue them up until the connection is restored.

Attaching files is simple, simply head on over to the “Options Icon” and Create a Note.

Sugar Mobile SDKThen click on the “Attachment” icon and select the file to attach.

Sugar Mobile SDK

Also, here’s a look at why you should absolutely go for Sugar Mobile.

Sugar Mobile SDK

Sugar Mobile SDK Customization

Rolustech has leveraged the Sugar Mobile SDK to create a number of different features and functionalities for Sugar Mobile in order to help clients configure their mobile processes according to their needs. These Sugar Mobile SDK customization have been built directly on top of the Sugar SDK. Here’s a look at some of the out-of-the-box features we’ve implemented.

E-Signature Functionality

The E-Signature functionality in Sugar Mobile lets you use your mobile canvas to craft a signature and use it to verify and approve documents on your Sugar platform. The e-signature is legally approved and binds you to a contract, similar to a regular signature, but with the added benefit of knowing when a document was opened and signed. Here’s a look at how it works in Sugar Mobile.

After the SDK customization is implemented, simply head on over to any module. In this example, we’re going to the Leads module.

Mobile SDK by SugarCRM

Open the “Options tab” from the top right and click on Signature.

Mobile SDK by SugarCRM

This will take you to a canvas where you can use the native touchscreen functionality to draw a signature, like in this example below:

Mobile SDK by SugarCRMClick “Save” when you’re done and your e-signature will be on its way.

Sugar SDK Customization

Field Auto-Population

You can have the field auto-population feature implemented on the Sugar SDK any number of times to improve business productivity and optimize time efficiency. With auto-population, you can display multiple versions of an action depending on how the user behaves. Let’s say you have a questionnaire, subsequent questions can be associated with previous questions and a relationship of dependency can be implemented e.g. Option 2 will only appear if the user responds to Option 1 with option B. This is one example of how Sugar SDK customization can help you auto-populate fields.

UI Design & Business Logic

Theme related customization in Sugar Mobile helps businesses make software and applications truly their own. Custom themes help with the adoption and adaptability and bring a shade of uniqueness to your platform. All of this makes perfect sense from a branding perspective which is why more and more businesses opt for a custom theme on their Sugar Mobile. Rolustech has implemented a number of different themes on SDK that have helped businesses make their platforms truly their own.

Speaking of uniqueness, business logic is another aspect that is distinctive to each business industry and brings with it a set of business logic. Business logic encodes your practical business rules and replicates them on your platform to ensure that data is created, stored, and changed according to your business rules. Your Sugar SDK Customization should translate these sets of business logic onto Sugar Mobile to improve productivity and efficiency. Rolustech has done a number of business logic implementations for a range of different industries.

Our Two Bits!

The need for mobile CRM has given rise to a number of CRM mobility solutions in the market, and one that is worth mentioning is the Sugar Mobile SDK. This is a solution which allows businesses to get their own bespoke versions of Sugar Mobile made. The new SDK release, i.e. the Sugar Mobile 6.4.0 is a cherry on top of an already robust mobile CRM solution by SugarCRM. With its download Quote as PDF and offline file attachment features, among others, it is set to be a game-changer in the mobile CRM industry. Additionally, Rolustech can also help skyrocket your business growth by leveraging a custom-built app with their unparalleled mobile app development services.  

Get in touch if you’re looking for a Sugar SDK Customization or Integration. Our Mobile Team is well-versed in major mobile platforms and has created multiple native and responsive mobile applications on Sugar SDK. Reach out to us for a FREE Business Analysis now!

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