Sugar Professional: A Great Option for Start-ups

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As one of the fastest-growing CRM providers in the global marketplace, Sugar has been innovating consistently. It is because of this that Sugar grew from an unknown and small sales-tool to a full-featured CRM. Sugar’s growth trajectory has played a vital role in defining the company’s vision. Keeping with its vision to assist small businesses with professional growth, Sugar launched Sugar Professional a couple of years ago. 

Sugar Professionals is an ideal option for companies looking forward to growing quickly. Let’s find out what it is all about!

What is Sugar Professional all about?  

Sugar Professional is a Sugar product that has been designed keeping the needs of growing start-ups in mind. It is for this reason that Sugar Pro is a growth-oriented and highly scalable option. This means that it can be configured as you go to meet your company’s evolving needs. 

The intuitive nature of the platform makes it very user friendly. Sugar Professional is designed to foster individual interactions through one-on-one customer management. This aspect is especially important for companies that are in the process of building a unique brand. Let’s look at the features you will be using in Sugar Professional. 

Features to Keep in Mind 

Optimized Sales Channels 

Sugar is generally hailed as the best sales management CRM. Sugar Professional allows you to leverage optimized sales channels by automating repeatable tasks. It further seeks to reduce the size of the sales cycle. You can also add trigger stimulated alerts and automate sales reporting and forecasting. 

Personalized & Efficient Marketing 

In a fast-paced world of automated responses, personalized interactions with customers make all the difference. Sugar Pro allows you to craft personalized email campaigns through effective segmentation of the client base. You can capture leads through web-to-lead forms that are provided by Sugar Pro. You can add several marketing automation tools to your Sugar Professional. 

Similarly, you can monitor and track the flow and distribution of leads. Multi-channel and dynamic marketing and email marketing campaigns can be executed through Sugar Pro. This is made easy by the easy integrations with social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or with email marketing platforms like MailChimp and Marketo. 

Sugar Pro as a Collaborative Platform 

Sugar Pro promoted internal collaboration in your company. You can initiate, join, and conduct online meetings from within your Sugar. Similarly, emails, opportunities, and leads can be archived and shared across teams. The collaborative nature of the platform fosters better customer service as customer queries and complaints can be resolved at a faster pace now. This is because cases can be identified and delegated to relevant departments. Sugar Professional is also a great platform to diagnose problems and share knowledge across teams. 

Leverage the Open-Platform to Expand

You can run Sugar from anywhere and at any time. It can also be used in the cloud or behind your firewall. Your control over the data of your company makes Sugar an ideal and reliable partner. Lastly, you can leverage a vast variety of third-party applications through Sugar integrations. This is because Sugar has a highly compatible API. 

Benefits of Sugar Professional

Now that you are aware of the functionalities offered by Sugar Professional, let’s look at the benefits you will gain from these features. 

Spend Less to Gain More!

The automation tools with Sugar Professionals allow you to save a lot of time. It further boosts the overall productivity of your company. 

Fewer Customizations

For most companies, Sugar Professional makes sense because it requires very few customizations. Since it is a solution planned for the unique needs of start-ups it is designed with your needs in mind. 

Smooth Upgrades 

Sugar is hosted by industry compatible cloud-hosting. Sugar is constantly being improved and innovated from the supply end. You can check out the latest Sugar Professional update. These updates ensure that smaller companies can gain access to the latest technology in the market. 

Take Action! 

Sugar Professional is an ideal option for companies that are looking to grow. It is a solution tailored to the specific needs of start-ups. In addition to the features mentioned above, Sugar Mobile App allows you to access your Sugar on the go. This increases the accessibility of your workplace. You can also take a look at our SugarCRM Guide to understand the platform further. The holistic solution provided by Sugar caters to all of your start-ups’ needs; from sales to marketing to effective customer service. Are you interested in getting Sugar Professional? What are you waiting for, reach out to us at Rolustech today? We are here to assist you with all of your Sugar related needs! 


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