What’s New in SugarCRM Version 7.9

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Sugar version 7.9 presents a well-balanced set of features from big improvements in UI to changes in the core platform benefiting the end users as well as Sugar developers. The release is finally available for all commercial editions. The chief product officer at SugarCRM encapsulates the new update in the following words:

“Sugar 7.9 provides a wealth of new features to ensure that companies of any size can exploit the fundamental values of CRM,”

Let’s see what SugarCRM has to offer in this latest update:

What’s New in Sugar 7.9?

This version is packed with several updates including the new Quotes module, changes to the list-view of Reports module, more functionalities in the Advanced Workflows, improved Global Search,  and a new Help Popup.

Let’s dig a little deeper into each of these updates in Sugar 7.9 and see how they will help Sugar users leverage Sugar.

New Quotes Module in Sugar 7.9

The major change in this release is done in the Quotes Module. The user-flow of the Quotes module  is changed as shown in the screenshot below:

SugarCRM version 7.9 Quotes Module flow

Moreover, the Quotes Module in Sugar 7.9 is packed with the following new features and updates

1.  New Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface

  • The interface is updated to utilize the new intelligence panel – the Sidecar interface.
  • The update has a new Create and Edit views for a more sensible quote creation flow.

2. New Features in the Quotes Module

  • To allow users to quickly arrange comments and the quoted line items on the quote worksheet, a drag and drop line reordering has been added.
  • The ability to create mass updates on multiple line items is added. Users can add comments on multiple line items and add them to a group, etc.
  • Optional groups have been added which makes groups optional instead of required. Users can now add line items and comments outside of the group.
  • Enhancements have been carried out to the multi-currency support.
  • Users can now save Quote PDFs from sub-panels of Account and Opportunity.
  • Now users can search in the product catalog by category as well as type. In previous versions, users could search by name only.

SugarCRM version 7.9 Quotes Module


3. Updates in Quotes Module Customization

  • Calculated fields can now be added in the quotes module.
  • Sidecar and Sugar logic offer safer frameworks for building upgrade-safe customization in the module which is a great news for developers.

How it will help users and developers

The thought behind the new quote generation and management is to make it easy to use, quick to deploy and flexible to configure for users’ individual needs and at the same time is extensible enough for developers to integrate seamlessly into complex enterprise environments.

Reports Module in Sugar 7.9

The following changes have been made to the UI of the reports module

  • The list view of the reports module is updated to the sidecar user interface
  • The capabilities like filtering on fields have been added.

Additional Fields in the Reports Module

  • Description field has been added in the reports module.
  • To categorize and organize the reports, tags field has been added.Sugar 7.9 reports

Enhancements in the Advanced Workflow for Enterprise and Ultimate Editions

The following are some of the enhancements done on the Advanced Workflows in Sugar:

  • Now, there is built-in validation for date calculations.
  • Users can now rearrange and insert Criteria in Advanced Workflow evaluation windows.
  • New text field operators have been added in the updated version. These include ‘contains’, ‘starts with’ and ‘ends with’
  • There are new process triggers based on field changing or a field changing to or from a specified value.
  • Created-by and modified-by users are now available for Change Field and Add Related Record actions.
  • Advanced Workflow modules have more descriptive labels and flexible options for editing criteria in process definitions.

Global Search in Sugar 7.9

Global Search has been updated to include support for the following operators:

  • “AND”
  • “OR”
  • “NOT”

New Help Popup in Sugar 7.9

The help dashboard has been replaced by the help popup. It is context sensitive and is accessible via the footer icon shown in the screenshot below. Being context sensitive, it will show the most appropriate information based on the user’s location inside Sugar.

Sugar 7.9

Bottom Line!

With this release, Sugar has once again strengthened its commitment to provide its users with a solution that delivers on a long list of innovations designed to help provide a superior customer experience.

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