Sugar Winter’20 Release: What’s New?

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2019 has been quite a year at SugarCRM with the release of innovative new products. As SugarCRM is focused on providing unparalleled customer experience to the users, it has gone the extra mile with major enhancements in Sugar Market, Sugar Serve, and Sugar Sell.  

So, let’s dive in to see what’s new with the Sugar Winter’20 release and how you can leverage the new features.

The Three SugarCRM Pillars: An Overview

To understand the Sugar Winter’20 release, it’s a good idea to review the Three Pillars of SugarCRM which are its differentiating factors. 

Time-Aware Customer Experience Platform

SugarCRM lets you capture data from all external and internal sources in the best possible way. This helps to derive actionable insights and predict future outcomes to strategize in a better way. 

No-Touch Information Management 

Sugar continues to differentiate itself with the “No-Touch Information Management” by automating different processes for Sugar users. This will further simplify tasks and help users to focus on building strong relationships with the customers. 

Continuous Cloud Innovation  

With efforts geared toward improving the customer experience, SugarCRM believes in continuous technological improvements and driving more innovations in its highly secure and scalable platform. 

Major Product Enhancements

Now, let’s get started to learn more about the major enhancements in different Sugar Products and how they will revolutionize the user experience. 

Sugar Sell

Service Products

Sugar Sell has been enhanced and there is no question in leveraging it as the best software for subscription-based businesses. 

Sugar Sell now supports subscription-based products in its product catalog, quote line items and revenue line items. As a result, it will be easy to manage the subscription of different duration based items such as annual service contracts and subscriptions. 

Renewals Console

This is an exciting new feature for a business specializing in subscription-based products. Added to Sugar Sell, renewals console provides key information to manage the renewal pipeline and streamline individual customer interactions. 

With the Renewals Console, the sales reps will have all the information about when a product was bought and the product renewal dates based on the time-aware concept. This helps businesses in the following ways:

  • Higher revenue as a result of higher renewal rates
  • Shorter sales cycle and greater sales efficiencies
  • More opportunities for cross-sell and up-sell

Automation of Renewal Pipeline

With the Sugar’20 release, you can automatically renew the pipeline when the expected close date of a subscription aligns with the end date of a subscription. This allows users to make the most of Sugar Sell in their subscription-based business and turn it into the best pipeline management software. 

Active Subscription Dashlet

Another feature added to Sugar Sell that will help you supercharge your subscription business is Active Subscription Dashlet. It shows you all the products that a customer is subscribed to along with the duration of each subscription in an easy and user-intuitive way. 

Sugar Serve 

Sugar Serve is all you need to make customers for life. Being the best customer service software for small businesses, Sugar Serve has been further enhanced with a focus on time management and Service Level Agreement (SLA) management. 

New Fields in Reports

The following new fields are created to measure first response events and better manage and capture information regarding different support cases. 

  • First Response Target/Actual
  • Hours to First Response 
  • Business Hours to First Response  
  • Variance From Target/Actual
  • First response SLA Met
  • First Response User

The data collected can be used to generate comprehensive reports to fully measure and monitor the performance of the customer support team. Some of the metrics in the report that will help you to visualize response rates to customers are:

  • Average Time to First Response by Agent
  • Daily Average Time to First Response 
  • First Response SLA Success rate 
  • Cases That Missed the First Response SLA
  • Average Difference From Follow-up Date by Week by Agent
  • Open Cases Awaiting First Response that missed SLA
  • Open Cases Awaiting First Response within SLA
  • My SLA Success Rate 
  • My Average Difference from Follow-up Date by Week

Time-Aware Case Tracking 

With the Winter’20 Release, Sugar Serve will help in identifying trends in the time taken to respond and resolve different cases. Moreover, it allows support reps to boost productivity and deliver great results by identifying urgent cases.

Sugar Market 

Email Bot Click Detection for Greater Marketing Efficiency

With the Sugar Winter’20 release, Sugar Market has seen improvement in its bot click remediation capability. As a result, human engagements can now be easily segregated from bot clicks to have real human interactions and avoid spam. This will also help in optimizing marketing campaigns and ensure that the marketing budget yields a high ROI.

Seamless Connectivity Between Sugar Market and Other CRMs

With the introduction of a new dashboard in Sugar Market, users can now enjoy seamless bi-directional integration between Sugar Market and other CRMs to allow smooth flow of data.

Sugar Mobile

Tagging Records

The functionality of Sugar Mobile has been improved with the Sugar Winter’20 release. Sugar Mobile now allows users to classify or tag any record right from their mobile device, create new tags or remove tags from existing records and search for records with specific tags from global search.

Not just this, the tagged information records can be saved in your Sugar and are easily accessible when needed. 

Are You Ready To Update Sugar?

Stay ahead of the curve by leveraging the innovative Sugar products. Update your Sugar and streamline different business processes while enjoying unparalleled user experience with Sugar. 

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