SugarCon 2017 AppThrowdown – Who emerged as the Ultimate Superhero?

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AppThrowdown is the most electrifying event at SugarCon every year where developers are given a platform to showcase their apps/plugins built to enhance the functionality of Sugar.

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The theme of SugarCon this year was Superheroes. For the AppThrowdown challenge, there were four categories in which Sugar partners were required to showcase their app’s superhuman powers. The categories were as follows: Teleportation, X-Ray Vision, Clairvoyance and Utility Belt. Category winners were decided by SugarCRM itself.

AppThrowdown 2017 Category Winners

Despite the overwhelming number of submissions, only one app was selected from each category. Then there was a ‘Crowd Pleaser’ in which the app that got the highest number of likes in the SugarCRM Community won.

The results were as follows:

1.Teleportation: Appdome

2.X-Ray Vision: RT SalesMap

3.Clairvoyance: Pandadoc

4.Utility Belt: Splash

5.Crowd Pleaser: 3CLogic

The winners from each category then competed for bragging rights to have the “Ultimate Superpower”

AppThrowDown Final Demo- Rise Up to Rule

Appdome throwing it down


Rolustech throwing it down


Pandadoc throwing it down

Intelestream throwing it down


3CLogic throwing it down


AppThrowdown Winner- The Ultimate Superhero

Splash by Intelestream emerged as the ultimate superhero. Voting was done through the SugarCon mobile app. Rolustech would like to congratulate the entire team of Intelestream for putting up a splendid show at SugarCon 2017 Appthrowdown.


Rolustech chose X-Men as their superheroes for the X-Ray vision category. Just like Charles Xavier/Professor-X uses his cerebro to find mutants across the globe, RT SalesMap can be leveraged to locate Leads in any given area.

Watch the video here

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