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Sugar 7, which was released recently, has come with a number of significant changes. This version of Sugar has been built on a completely different framework than the others. The Activity Stream, formerly known as the ‘Newsfeed’ in Sugar 6, has received major improvements. It is now available on all levels of the system including the homepage, module, and record levels.

SugarCRM Activity Stream in Sugar 7 has been modified to serve as a social collaboration tool among the users. This collaboration is achieved through the posting of comments and sharing of documents or videos. Users can now easily track the most recent updates across their entire organization via posts on the Activity Stream.

Note: Activity Streams are not available for custom modules.

In Sugar 6, Activity Stream was a Dashlet on the Homepage that showed system-wide updates and offered very little communication capabilities. In Sugar 7, the SugarCRM Activity Stream has been completely revamped. The system-wide Activity Stream still exists, but there are now Activity Streams per Record View.

Some of the key features of the Activity Stream include:

Activity Stream per Record View

On each record, the activity related to that record is shown. For example, when viewing an Account, it will show when a Contact, Case, Opportunity has been created or linked to that Account.

Drag & Drop File Sharing

There are various options available for users to choose from when creating user posts in the Activity Stream. One way to add external links, messages, files etc. is by dragging and dropping the links into the post input section. The files dropped are then saved in the Notes Module, and then linked to the record they were created in.

SugarCRM 7 Activity Streams


Reference User & Records in Posts

When commenting on a post, you can reference another user or record. Referencing users can be done through the use of the ‘@’ symbol followed by the user’s name (e.g. @Francisco Lachowski). This feature can come in handy when posting quick comments, instead of opting for an email. When you type the ‘@’ symbol followed by the first few letters of the user name, Global search of Sugar populates a list of users that match with what you have typed so far. Furthermore, the user mentioned in the comment will be notified via the Notification center.

If you reference another user on a public post that was shared on the Homepage Activity Stream, then all users of your organization shall be able to view the post and your reference.  However, if the post originates from the Record View Activity Stream, then only the users referenced shall be able to view the post on their main Activity Stream.

To reference a record when posting a comment, a hashtag “#” symbol is used, followed by the record’s name (e.g. #Account_Name). Similar to referencing users, when you type the first few letters of the record name, Sugar populates a list of records that match with what you will have typed so far. The comment will show in the Stream of the referenced record. Furthermore, you can reference multiple records in the same post. To view the referenced record, click on the highlighted record on the post.

SugarCRM 7 Activity Streams

Activity Stream View on Individual Records

In the previous versions of Sugar, Activity Stream only existed on the Homepage Dashboard. In Sugar 7, the SugarCRM Activity Stream can be accessed from the cube in the upper left navigation bar. The Stream is also available on the individual Record View, which shows activity only related to that record. This makes communication through the Activity Stream more useful and easier.

On the Activity Stream, a variety of tools will be able to help you figure out information most relevant to you. All posts are marked with a color-coded module icon, and tagged records will also be color-coded using the same color scheme. These color-coded icons come with a two-letter abbreviation for the module name, which are used throughout the Sugar 7 User Interface. This makes it easier to identify relevant information. The latest version of Sugar also comes with a reply button which makes conversations easier among users.

Our Two Bits!

No organization can hope to achieve the highest levels of efficiency without seamless collaboration among its various functional teams. The SugarCRM Activity Stream in Sugar 7 tends to bridge any gaps that might arise due to certain communication hurdles. Furthermore, companies would also be able to increase the ROI of their Sugar instances if they choose to implement this feature by SugarCRM.


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