SugarCRM Case Studies: Top 5 success stories in Sales


According to American investor and entrepreneur Warren Buffet, “Opportunities come infrequently. When it rains gold, put out the bucket, not the thimble”. It doesn’t really matter if you own a small business or an established firm. Once in a while, an opportunity will come knocking at your door which will revamp your business indefinitely. Implementing SugarCRM will rectify your business in the same way; however we understand that the initiation can be a bit overwhelming. After all, things weren’t all that bad before you decided to give SugarCRM a try. To boost your confidence in SugarCRM and its merit, here are the case studies of the Top 5 SugarCRM success stories in Sales.

1) BancVue- Recovering 4,000 work hours with SugarCRM


BancVue is a leader in branded, community-powered banking products that help local banks and credit unions to thrive in the competitive banking industry.

BancVue wanted to provide services to financial institutions by combining all business processes into a centralized customer platform. Their desire was to improve workflows and business processes, and to create actionable reports based on analytics.

Benefits after implementing SugarCRM:

Sugar was deployed to 100% of BancVue employees. Seven years down the road, BancVue tripled in size. With the help of Sugar, they recovered nearly 4,000 staff hours per year through automation and data consolidation. Apart from that, they improved revenue, improved assessments of clients’ needs and significantly enhanced their invoice accuracy.

2) Verticality- Saving 30% in annual costs with SugarCRM



SugarCRM will transfigure your small business into a market leader.

Verticality was a small IT recruitment firm located in the East Midlands, UK. It utilized recruitment methods such as online job boards and social media sites to assist corporate employers and individual job hunters.

The company needed to improve its sales and marketing processes to better manage corporate accounts. With its heart set out on progress, Verticality decided to move to a more flexible solution capable of meeting its needs; SugarCRM.

Benefits after implementing SugarCRM:

SugarCRM was integrated with LinkedIn to improve social media outreach. Also, Verticality gained an overall increase in sales leads and a 30 percent savings in annual costs. There was a reduced annual planning and review by 32 percent, while simultaneously increasing strategic effectiveness.

Verticality’s commitment to excellent services has resulted in its wide client base across UK and Europe.

3) Advanced- Increasing Sales by 10% in just 3 months 


Advance Business Equipment is a company based in London that works with customers to cater all their hardware, workflow and finished products needs.

Advanced Business Equipment needed a solution that would make it easier for sales teams to share existing customer information across different parts of the business and help increase cross-selling opportunities.

Benefits after implementing SugarCRM:

SugarCRM came to the rescue. After successful implementation of Sugar within the company, Advanced Business Equipment increased sales by 10% in just three months, doubled the workflow and service delivery speed and decreased cost of running a CRM platform

4) Central Innovation- Saving report processing time by more than 70%


Central Innovation is the parent company of two leading 3D CAD software resellers in Australia and New Zealand.

The company’s immediate goals were to reduce costs, gain efficiencies and improve visibility throughout the organization. It wanted to do this by bringing together its offices across Australia and combining its IT and accounts departments. Central Innovation required a CRM solution that was easy to customize and could allow them to own its data.

Benefits after implementing SugarCRM:

SugarCRM was integrated with QuickBooks and Joomla CMS. This resulted in reduced report processing time by 75 percent. It also saved hundreds of thousands of dollars and increased business 30 percent with tracking and reporting capabilities. The lead import process was diminished from four hours to just a few minutes!

An obliging investment, without a doubt.

5) Puente- Saving 350 work hours automating with SugarCRM 


Puente is a leading investment banking and brokerage firm focusing on capital markets and wealth management in Latin America. They longed for more and more sales; improving customer service response time; and increased understanding of customer needs.

Again, Sugar Professional was deployed to 100 percent of the sales and marketing staff.

Benefits after implementing SugarCRM:

Puente has retained SugarCRM since then. Why? This incorporation resulted in 5 years of double-digit percentage sales growth. 50% decrease in customer service response time and a 33% reduction in sales cycle time. Apart from that, more than 350 hours were saved annually because of automation of many regulatory compliance functions.

Why would any company part ways with an investment like this? Beats me.


After handling hundreds of companies and dealing with their complex scenarios, Rolustech itself has become a success story. We have a long history of working with startups and have mentored many business like the ones mentioned above, with their SugarCRM Implementation. We’d love to talk to you! So what do you think?

Rolustech is a team of award-winning SugarCRM experts taking pride in successfully implementing Sugar for more than 500 firms worldwide.


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