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One of the major attractions of the SugarCon 2016 was the final reveal of the SugarCRM Customer Journey Plug-In. This Plug-In is intended to combine the prowess of SugarCRM with the utility of a Customer Journey Map. However, in order to understand the significance of this release for the business community, we have to understand the importance of Customer Journey Mapping.

What Is Customer Journey?

Customer Journey is defined to be the complete process of interaction that takes place between a business entity and its customer. This process usually starts with a person being an opportunity for a business to becoming the customer when the purchase takes place. This process is usually represented graphically in what is called a Customer Journey map. This map helps to identify the position that a customer is in during his Customer Journey.

What Is Customer Journey Plug-In and What Are Its Features?

The SugarCRM Customer Journey Plug-In is a SugarCRM Plugin made exclusively for Sugar which can help you align business processes perfectly with various stages of a Customer Journey in order to make the process of sales more effective as well as more efficient. There are two main components that can be attributed to this new feature of Sugar, namely, the Customer Decision Indicator Chart and the Customer Decision Workflow Panel. The Customer Decision Indicator Chart pinpoints the exact location of a customer in his Customer Journey whereas the Customer Decision Workflow Panel lists all the tasks that are required for completion in order to help move a customer to the next stage of his journey. An added feature of this new plug-in is the GDPR compliance tracking template, found within the plug-in, which aids any company in implementing a GDPR compliant system.

How Can Businesses Use SugarCRM Customer Journey Plug-In?

In order to benefit from the Customer Journey Plug-In, the relevant staff has to be made aware of the functionalities that it offers. Therefore, before making their sales pitch, the sales staff should have the position of the target customer, in his Customer Journey, in their minds so as to tailor their sales pitch to better suit the current requirements of that customer. Furthermore, the staff should also be aware of the pending tasks which, when completed, would help move the relevant customers to the next level of their journeys.

What’s New In the SugarCRM Customer Journey Plug-In 4.8.1 Update?

A new update was rolled out for the Customer Journey Plug-In for Sugar, with the name of version 4.8.1, in the November of 2018. This update fixed the issue where custom modules could not be enabled for the plug-in, which was present in the previous version of the plug-in, namely, version 4.8.

Customer Journey Plug-In can be Downloaded from SugarExchange.

SugarCRM Customer Journey Plug-In

Key Takeaway!

An individual goes through a number of stages during the sales process with a business. At each stage, the requirements and expectations of a potential customer tend to be different from the previous stage. Also, at each checkpoint of a Customer Journey, there are some key tasks that require completion in order to help move the relevant customer to the next checkpoint. In order to make more effective and efficient sales, Customer Journey maps would prove to be helpful. Even more helpful, however, would be to use the Customer Journey Plug-In in conjunction with Sugar in order to reap the benefits of having a strong CRM software combined with Customer Journey mapping technology.

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