SugarCRM Data Migration with RT SugarPentaho

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RT SugarPentaho, one of many in-house SugarCRM Plugins, works like a charm when it comes to Data Migration. Basically an integration of Pentaho with the Sugar platform, RT SugarPentaho is an extremely powerful tool that helps companies find value in their data with its many data analytics and integration tools. At its most basic, RT SugarPentaho leverages the functionality of the Pentaho platform and helps businesses, especially industry level conglomerates, make sense of heaps of data inside SugarCRM.

Let’s take a closer look!

Data Consolidation

With RT SugarPentaho, you can connect a number of data banks and information pools i.e. NoSQL, Hadoop, and various analytical databases. Once this connection is established, you can proceed to access your content from literally anywhere through RT SugarPentaho. You can also make use of multiple Pentaho features i.e. business analytics, big data analytics, and cloud analytics to really get the most out of your customer data. RT SugarPentaho also includes the hallmark graphical ETL tools to help your data teams test and deploy various workflows with respect to data.

Inclusive Analytics Tools

The power of the Pentaho analytics tools is unprecedented, offering deep data analysis at lightning fast speed. Pentaho manages to do this through its in-memory data caching at extreme scale. With RT SugarPentaho, you can do all of this from within your Sugar platform and exponentially increase the productivity and efficiency of your organization. Once this data analysis is complete, RT SugarPentaho lets you use multiple charts, visualizations, reporting and much more to leverage this data for interpretation.

Graphical ETL (Extraction, Transform, Load)

The first phase of an efficient SugarCRM data migration involves effective ETL tools to ensure proper data mapping. This results in a pipeline creation where data is interconnected in a pipeline formation before migration. RT SugarPentaho makes use ETL tools that are graphical in nature, this means that you get a visual representation of your pipeline that does not involve the need for you to write scripts. Moreover, the Graphical ETL tools also have a drag and drop interface (in case you were wondering how I’d go about without writing scripts). If you’re not sold already, get a load of this; RT SugarPentaho comes with numerous pre-built components for accessing, molding, and blending data from multiple sources.

Data Integration Templates

It comes with numerous data integration templates that make procedures simple and trick. You can use these data integration templates to make numerous business logic on the fly to optimize your data migration process!

Our Two Bits!

So there’s that about RT SugarPentaho. If you’re looking for an effortless SugarCRM Data Migration tool with user-friendly ETL tools and a host of templates and components built in, RT SugarPentaho is undisputed. All of these features make it an excellent choice for an efficient data migration companion.

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