SugarCRM vs Salesforce®


Note: This article is out of date. For the updated comparison, Read: SugarCRM vs Salesforce

If you’re trying to find a CRM system for your business, you’ve probably already heard of Salesforce. There’s no doubt that it is a major player but is it the right choice for your business? Choosing the right CRM is critical to your business success so lets just take a moment to think about this. According to Gartner, Salesforce’s market share is roughly around 20%. The remainder comprises of strong competitors that can even give Salesforce a run for their money. Just look at SugarCRM. Its adoption is on the rise because because customers are finding more value in this.

User Experience

The hidden costs, complexity, and lack of control don’t do Salesforce customers any favors. Moreover, as Salesforce is built on a closed source platform, users have very little say in the deployment and management of the system. Sugar on the other hand has been able to make a sharp dent in the Salesforce armor. Leading publications such as CRM Magazine, InfoWorld and eWeek praise Sugar for its ease-of-use, flexibility and open design. Along with the ability to design your own CRM, it offers multiple choices with regards to deployment, hosting, and enhancement – hence, more control to the customers.

Unlike Salesforce, Sugar’s open source architecture has more room for flexibility and creativity. It is well-equipped to be more responsive to the actual needs and requirements of different businesses. It allows companies to easily integrate their customer-facing business processes in order to build more profitable relationships. For example, Sugar aligns your sales and marketing team to deliver a consistent message throughout the entire customer journey. As a result, companies enjoy more variations and options in conducting meaningful business with their customers.


SugarCRM customizations and integrations lead to robust business growth. Every element of Sugar is available for code-level inspection by a developer and can be augmented and replaced as deemed necessary for your organization. Therefore, Sugar brings far more value and control to the business as compare to Salesforce.


If it is more innovative and flexible, it is obviously going to be more expensive right? Well, no. SugarCRM offers the best all-around value for any CRM solution that is available in the market right now. Its subscription rates go easy on your pocket and you get the maximum value for all your money. In fact, its operating costs often come in at less than half of Salesforce.

Bottom Line:

Any CRM you choose, be it Sugar or Salesforce or any other, should meet your business needs. No two CRMs are alike, and your business processes and customers are unique as well. Hence, a CRM is most valuable when it is framed in terms of your particular business requirements.

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