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Every promising enterprise needs an innovative addition into their professional sphere. In business, having the ability to successfully integrate a worthwhile investment is what separates the regular from the phenomenal. Yes, it is true that a SugarCRM investment will perk up your business venture, but every investment comes at a price. Presenting, some of the basic SugarCRM pricing options, which will help you decide the type of SugarCRM your business venture needs, whilst keeping in mind the defining features of your organization. Sugar is designed to have adaptability to various clienteles. The choice of your SugarCRM will depend on factors like; the type, size and requirements of your business, not forgetting the price that you should be willing to put into this investment.

The review below will discuss various editions of SugarCRM, what every edition has to offer and whether or not it suits your business requirements. You will also find a complementary info-graphic at the bottom of the post in which the post’s key takeaways are summarized for you

So let’s begin;

How much does SugarCRM Cost: Pricing Chart 2017

SugarCRM Edition Pricing Per User/Per Month Minimum Users Minimum Annual Cost
Sugar Professional $40 10 $4,800
Sugar Enterprise $65 10 $7,800
Sugar Ultimate $150 10 $18,000

Lets explore further which edition of SugarCRM would best suit your needs;

1) SugarCRM Professional Edition: 

sugar professional edition pricing

SugarCRM Professional Edition Pricing: Basic & Add-ons

One fact that every entrepreneur must keep in mind whilst researching the CRM pricing is that most service providers present their packages by showing the license cost being equal to implementation cost. This is not usually the case. This eventually translates into a huge difference between the expected cost and the actual price. The Sugar Professional Edition costs around $40 per user per month, and requires a minimum of 10 users. This translates into a minimum annual price of $4800.

What Sugar Professional has to offer?

Sugar Professional features includes sales automation, marketing lead management, cloud deployment, unlimited Studio customizations, unlimited online support and support for MySQL and SQL server along with offline access for mobile integration. The edition comes with 15 GB of memory.

Does Sugar Professional suit your needs?

It all depends on the type and scale of your business. Initially, if you are a business with let’s say, 10-500 employees; Sugar Professional is the ultimate edition for your SugarCRM needs. It fits the affordable SugarCRM price tag and provides a lot of useful features in the domains of marketing, sales, security and internalization.

Some of the additional features can be integrated into your SugarCRM with an additional price. For instance, if a corporation wants to integrate DocuSign, IBM notes or Linkedin contacts with their Sugar Professional edition; these features can be easily bought at an affordable price. An example of this would be the SalesMap plugin that is provided by Rolustech. This SugarCRM integration costs an additional $5 per user per month. 


Sugar Professional is the perfect CRM if you are a part of a small or medium business. The most basic edition has a price of around $40 per user per month, but customization of choice will drag the figure to something around $55-$60 per user per month.  If the benefits to implementing this SugarCRM are kept in mind, the pricing seems to be quite affordable. Overall, this is a good investment for your business.


2) SugarCRM Enterprise Edition:

sugar enterprise edition pricing

SugarCRM Enterprise Edition Pricing: Basic & Add-ons

This package is basically the evolved version of Sugar Professional. With a basic cost of around $65 per user per month, this package includes Advanced Workflow, which is an enterprise level business process management tool and 60 GB of document storage space.

What Sugar Enterprise has to offer?

This SugarCRM has advanced features like Revenue Line item level tracking and forecasting, product level Quotes, Role based views, 100 concurrent customer portal users, support for Oracle and DB2, 12 hours email and phone support for 5 days a week and 60GB of storage. It also provides mobile features like Studio editor and Sugar Logic.

Does Sugar Enterprise suit your needs?

Again, it depends on the type and scale of your business. If your business venture has employee strength of around 500-2000 people, and includes processes that requires extensive travelling, this might be the perfect SugarCRM for you. It allows revenue tracking and forecasting with integrated email and phone support. This could be a huge development for sales people and for businesses that revolve around fast moving consumer goods.

Again, additional features like Linkedin, Google Maps integration and Box integration can be amalgamated within the existing package, but at an additional price. For instance, Rolustech provides Sugar-Box integration package for $99 per month. This pricing of this feature is free from the dependence on the number of users.


This advanced SugarCRM might just be the game changer for your venture. With a basic price of around $65 per user per month, this figure might be stretched to something around $85 dollars per user per month. This additional price is because of the customized features and dashlets that will be integrated into your Sugars user interface. Sugar Enterprise is a blessing in disguise for businesses that are of a medium nature and involve employees and customers that are continuously in transit. It will also help you to keep record of your employees’ status and if used correctly, it will help in reducing processing times and overhead costs.


3) SugarCRM Ultimate Edition:


SugarCRM Ultimate Edition Pricing: Basic & Add-ons

As the name suggests, this is indeed the ultimate Sugar platform. Sugar Ultimate is usually deployed by medium to large corporations with a workforce of above 2000 people approximately. This SugarCRM will help your business indefinitely. This investment will ensure swift inter-organization communication as well as correspondence between your sales force and customers. The basic price of this SugarCRM is $150 per user per month.


What SugarCRM Ultimate has to offer?

The best feature of this investment has to be the technical support that is provided around the clock. It is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It also includes an assigned technical account manager that will ease the debugging processes. Also, it includes 250GB of storage space which is enough to hold vast amounts of documents. Other than that, it also allows up to 5 sandbox instances which will help in securing all your data.

Does Sugar Ultimate suit your needs?

Yes. If you own a business with a lot of foreign clients and have a large number of employees that work round the clock, this might just be the Ultimate Sugar (pun intended).  This SugarCRM will pave the way for an effortless inter-department communication as well as expeditious correspondence between your customers and your sales team. It will allow you to organize your data perfectly and information conveyance will be at your fingertips. Again, custom integrations will cost a little extra but are worth the investment. An example of this would be the Quickbooks plugin for Sugar. This SugarCRM integration will cost an additional $990 per year but is does not specify the number of users that can use this feature. Hence, even this venture is a onetime investment.


This SugarCRM might appear a bit costly on the outside but it will extensively allow you to better manage your sales and marketing. It will also let you manage your corporate accounts with much more ease. So, if you desire a SugarCRM that is optimal, adaptable and allows quick integrations, Sugar Ultimate is what you are looking for. With all the customized plugins, the price might go upto something around $200 per user per month. Seems expensive, doesn’t it?

It won’t, once you realize the long term benefits are humongous. After implementation of a successful SugarCRM, some companies have increased their sales by 30 %.  Others have reduced their planning and review costs by 40%. All in all, this investment just might be what you’re looking for to boost your business strategy.

Concluding Observations:

It doesn’t really matter what the size of your business operation is. Sugar can always provide you with the perfect CRM solution. Don’t be afraid of a little investment. Make the most viable choice that suits your business and matches the profile of your venture. Keep in mind the scale and type of your business and choose which ever SugarCRM you think is best. If done properly, this can help you save substantial amounts of revenue at the perfect price.


SugarCRM Pricing Guide 2017 [INFOGRAPHIC]: Editions, Pricing and Reviews

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