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Achieve great feats in the financial sector with SugarCRM

The potential of CRM to achieve customer satisfaction has been tapped by the financial sector as well. With SugarCRM, you can now increase coordination between the marketing and IT departments and acquire new customers, while at the same time strengthen relations with current customers.

Demo of SugarCRM for Financial Services

Objectives of SugarCRM in the financial sector

  • Customer retention: To establish stronger relations with customers by registering their information and preferences online and by providing regular feedback.
  • Customer acquisition: To acquire new customers through digital channels and automated processes, through which they can assign and synchronize leads.
  • CRM in call centers: To track call transactions and monitor customer handling time using CRM, giving their customers the attention they need.
  • Achieving sales and marketing objectives: To market the right product to the right customer base by keeping track of consumer preferences and spending patterns.

Banking services like ATMs or online banking have increased convenience for customers manifold. SugarCRM provides benefit to many other financial firms like brokerage firms or insurance firms, enabling them to devise effective strategies to acquire new customers and increase revenues.

Benefits of SugarCRM:

  1. Analyzing risk profile of primary customers using data stored in the central system, to target them for up-selling and cross-selling. With SugarCRM Services you can gain useful insights into your customers’ behaviors and can introduce products and offers designed to specifically meet their needs. Now you can enhance your customer lifecycle too.
  2. Workflow Automation allows you to increase precision and accuracy which enhances performance and helps meet audit standards.
  3. Lower costs and increase revenues through customization and a better understanding of customer needs. Develop value-based customer relationships which will increase revenue in the long–run.
  4. Increased coordination among various departments with regard to customer information, which in turn results in improved communication with customers. With SugarCRM Services you can now set alerts to monitor your team’s performance and reduce employee attrition while at the same time achieve customer satisfaction. You can customize SugarCRM to ensure all the information you see and the way you see it is optimized to meet your business requirements.
  5. Synchronization with other software and incorporation of add-ons to meet the firm needs adds to the convenience offered by customization. Integrating SugarCRM with software like Quickbooks and Xero accounting provides additional data synchronization and lets you avoid redundant data entry.

     Now, on a single platform, your financial firm can increase its customer base and expand sales and revenue with SugarCRM Services. Use SugarCRM to simplify your marketing techniques, increase revenues and to cut down on costs. SugarCRM helps you achieve a comprehensive view of your customers’ needs enabling your financial firm to satisfy its customer base to fullest. Run a successful business and close deals faster with SugarCRM for the finance industry.


Rolustech has implemented SugarCRM for more than 600 firms including the Deployment, Implementation and Customization of SugarCRM for Financial Industry. Get in touch for a Free CRM Consultation.

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