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Box is one of the most popular file sharing and content management services worldwide. Businesses love Box for its advanced cloud storage and file hosting services coupled with its real-time collaboration features for global teams. If Sugar is the right answer for all your business process management, Box is right up there in the realm of cloud collaboration and secure file sharing. Keeping this in mind, our talented team of Sugar experts developed an innovative plugin that unites the capabilities of Sugar and Box to enable users to access, add and modify all Box data within Sugar.


Presenting RT SugarBox

Your business needs both Sugar and Box, but having to manually manage all documents can be difficult and frustrating. With RT SugarBox, you can rest assured that team’s efficiency will be doubled in no time. RT SugarBox takes care of all your syncing needs so that there is no need to upload documents to each individual record after every minor edit. With RT SugarBox, you can view, edit and sign contracts using Box’s tools within your Sugar. And it’s all very simple to set up!



RT SugarBox Features

1. Bi-Directional Content Syncing

RT SugarBox syncs your Sugar and Box both ways. All Box content can be viewed, modified and removed within Sugar and vice versa. Upload documents on only one platform and view them on either Box or Sugar at any time.

2. Box Dashlet

Users can create custom dashlets in Sugar to view related Box folder directory in an embedded iframe. Users can upload files directly from this iframe both manually and using simple drag-and-drop.

3. Configuration

All you need to do to get started is to add your credentials in the administration section! View RT SugarBox Installation Guide and get started within minutes!

4. Mapping of Modules & Fields

You can map Sugar fields and modules onto any Box directory. RT SugarBox also gives you complete control to add and delete multiple mappings simultaneously.

5. Real Time Updates

Track all updates in Sugar’s activity stream including content status updates and new uploads. All Box notifications will be displayed in Sugar’s activity stream, giving you detailed information of every single update made on your documents.

6. PDF Sharing

With RT SugarBox, share PDF documents directly from Sugar action menu to Box. All synced PDF files can be viewed in assigned Box directories after syncing.

7. Upload Documents through Sub-Panels

RT SugarBox enables users to upload documents directly from documents subpanel in Sugar. All documents will be synced to mapped Box directory automatically!

8. Collaborations

RT SugarBox makes collaborations fun by giving you complete control over users’ roles and permissions. You can invite teams and persons to collaborate on shared content and track all changes in real time.



RT SugarBox is available for both monthly and yearly subscription. Both subscription plans come with a 30-day free trial and a money-back guarantee!

Monthly Subscription: $99/Instance

Yearly Subscription: $990/Instance

RT SugarBox is also available as a one-time purchase. Contact Us today to get a quotation.

Once you subscribe to RT SugarBox, Rolustech provides free, 24/7 support for training and enhancements.


Is RT SugarBox the solution you were looking for? Contact us today for a free demo and get started within minutes! Alternatively, you can view RT SugarBox Installation Guide and User Guide.


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