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The Digital Age is often blamed for phasing out a number of beloved things that were a mainstay in our day to day activities. One of these is Sticky notes. Remember those little guys you could paste anywhere to chart out a to-do-list? I bet we all miss those. But as technology evolved and we found ourselves working in front of a screen, sticky notes got lost somewhere in the middle. But we’re bringing them back in SugarCRM with our RT Stiki Notes Plugin.

If you’re a Sugar user, you’d know how quickly things can start to get tricky. The abundance of variables and intricate database tasks can take its toll sooner or later, and you don’t want to find yourself out of your depth when that happens. Luckily for you, we’ve got the perfect sidekick for the job who’s going to remember all the tiny details that you’d otherwise forget: RT Stiki Notes.

Read on as we break down what you get in this utility plugin.

Create and Share with Ease

While creating this SugarCRM Plugin, we set out to ensure seamless functionality and accessibility. RT Stiki Notes sits comfortably inside your Sugar without interfering in any of your tasks. Simply click the Stiki Notes button to pull them up and add reminders, deadlines, or tasks to keep tickers for yourself. We’ve gone one step ahead to truly make RT Stiki Notes stand apart with a built-in sharing functionality that lets you share your Stiki Notes with anyone in your team. How cool is that?

RT Stiki Notes - SugarCRM Plugin

Simple Configuration and Access

RT Stiki Notes has a very simple installation setup. Have this SugarCRM Plugin up and running in one time. Our Certified Developers made sure to package this plugin in a manner that brings seamless productivity and value to customers. Once you have it up and running, it’s just as simple to find it. Just hover over and click the RT Stiki Notes button and you’ll find the familiar yellow sticky note in the bottom right corner. You can choose to float it to the left if it’s blocking certain fields. One of the most common questions we get about RT Stiki Notes is whether or not you can use them in the middle of a call. You can! You can pull up RT Stiki Notes easily during any activity inside your Sugar and similarly in all of your SugarCRM modules.

RT Stiki Notes - SugarCRM Plugin

Link Different Records with RT Stiki Notes

With RT Stiki Notes, you can easily link your notes with a record. Let’s just say you’re talking to a lead and taking notes on RT Stiki Notes. Once you’re done with the call, simply link that particular Stiki Note with the lead. This way, whenever you pull up that record, the Stiki Note will also show up. This ensures that you’re always on top of things.

RT Stiki Notes Is Free!

In case you were wondering how much this SugarCRM Plugin would put you behind, we’d like to tell you that RT Stiki Notes is completely free. Yes! You read that right. You get all these features for absolutely nothing. How’s that for an amazing offer?

Our Two Bits!

RT Stiki Notes is a unique addition to our list of SugarCRM Plugins and it takes the cake for its amazingly minute yet necessary features that improve the overall user experience and productivity. The fact that it’s completely free means that this is a win-win scenario. Head over to our SugarCRM Plugins and bring clarity to your workflows, get rid of the cluster and never forget a thing again!


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