SugarCRM Quick Repair and Rebuild: What, Why and How To Do?

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Quick Repair and Rebuild is a feature that comes in handy whenever you need to perform any SugarCRM maintenance. Before jumping into the “how-tos” of this feature, let’s first discuss why you need to perform this action in the first place. You should also know when it becomes absolutely necessary to perform it.

What Does It Actually Do?

It must be noted here that performing this action will not have any negative effect on your system but instead help your Sugar run smoothly and will also increase the speed of SugarBasically, all it does is that it clears up several files from your system’s cache which hinder your system’s smooth functioning.

When to Repair and Rebuild?

Whenever significant changes have been made in your Sugar system, you might confront some inconsistencies in it. These include small glitches like the fields not appearing in the right places, or the module layouts might appear erratic. For these and several other minor issues, it becomes necessary to run this feature in order to get the best ROI on your CRM. This is similar to the troubleshooting that you run on other systems but even simpler.

How to Do a Quick Repair and Rebuild in Your Sugar?

Step 1: Login to your Sugar instance as Admin

Step 2: Navigate to the Admin Panel

Step 3: Select the Repair Option under system settings

Step 4: Click on Quick Repair and Rebuild

To make it even more simple; I have compiled the screenshots of each step for you

Login to Your Sugar Instance as Admin

SugarCRM quick repair and rebuild

Navigate to the Admin Panel

SugarCRM quick repair and rebuild

Navigate to Repair Option Under System Settings

SugarCRM quick repair and rebuild

Click on Quick Repair and Rebuild

SugarCRM quick repair and rebuild

Once you click on the Quick Repair and Rebuild option, the system will automatically run the commands and a little while later you will see the screen below.

SugarCRM quick repair and rebuild

After this, you can return to the Administration page and start your normal routine on Sugar. By now, you will see that all the inconsistencies that you were facing before will not appear anymore. Additionally, there are wonderful educational resources on Sugar University that will help you make the most of SugarCRM. 

Key Takeaway!

According to best practice, you should perform this every time you make changes to your Sugar in the Studio. This will allow you to seamlessly navigate throughout your SugarCRM.

Let us know if you face any issues while performing this task. We will be glad to assist you!

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