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Having slow CRM software is worse than having no CRM software at all. Why is that? It is such a tease and an annoyance. Professional business models cannot afford any sort of lag as far the availability of information is concerned.

Do you really expect to have efficient business processes if telephone number searches are taking several seconds within your Sugar? Or you have no choice but to wait for long periods of time till your Sugar fetches the list of relevant leads and contacts? Or the worst of all; data import is not carried out within the specified timeframe, leaving you behind with historic information?

If you are facing any of these issues with your Sugar, you are clearly a victim of the software complexities and facing symptoms of un-optimized Sugar performance.  Rid yourself of this torture by tuning and enhancing your SugarCRM performance. Here are some of the things, by order of complication, that can be done to regain the coherence and productivity your that Sugar once had.

1. Configurations via panels (within Sugar):

First of all you have to check if you are adhering to the protocols of using Sugar. Make sure of one thing: if you have enabled the developer mode and are not using it, always remember to turn it off immediately. The reason being that developer mode causes severe under-performance of algorithms within Sugar. Similarly, make sure that the log levels are down to the minimum. Log levels should ideally be at ‘Fatal’, but ‘Error’ level would not be a bad option as well. Anything other than that would start to downgrade the performance of Sugar. Other than that, turn off the tracker features if you are not using them because they too can severely slow down the page loads within Sugar.

2. Server Side performance optimization:

There are quite a few steps that can be taken to optimize the speed of Sugar from the server side. Most of the issues regarding slow speed are resolved after thoroughly reviewing the performance statistics of the server.

Optimization of PHP:
Fore mostly, make sure that you are using the most upgraded and recent version of PHP. Make sure that register_globals, magic_quotes and always_populate_raw_post_data  php.ini settings are disabled as they have the potential to drastically slow down any program.  Apart from this, make sure that you remove all directories which you do not need from the include_path directive. How will this enhance performance? Simple; there will be reduced file system requests and hence less load whilst initiating the program.

Database Optimization:

The choice of which database you wish to implement is completely up to you. All of them are equally good. But make sure of thing; that improper indexing is not a feature of your database. This is usually the primary reason for blockish running of Sugar. Make sure to tune your database indexes, cleanse the tables that include technical data and optimize the SQL queries. Other than that, try keeping your database server on a different machine than your web server because DB servers like to have lots of memory and space. Also, what you can do is tweak the performance of your query cache by using transparent caching, by caching full queries and making sure that queries are deterministic. This can result in a huge leap in server side performance.


Various other methodologies can be applied to the client side as well which will include optimization of customized modules, optimization of import/export procedures and regulating the change in data visualization. These too can significantly improve the performance of your SugarCRM and will give you the optimized execution that your Sugar once had.

3. Client side performance optimization:

Optimization of web servers is the most common performance enhancing mechanism on the client side. It is widely practiced. So the question arises of how we can alter our web server to optimize our Sugar? Firstly, make sure that we compress most of the content and information that is being sent to the browser. This will limit the load that the browser receives and automatically speed up our processes. Apart from that, we can instruct the browser to keep information that is not prone to redundant changes within the cache memory. Other than that, you can always check if your client side system has the configurations to match the data that you are handling. Maybe, the resources of your system are exhausted. Changing and improving the size of your hardware and data network will not improve the optimization, but will speed up your Sugar if your resources are fatigued and weary.


We hope that you never face issues like these. Rolustech understands that some of the processes are quite difficult to handle for Sugar users who do not have a programming background and do not understand the back end works of Sugar. Which is why we recommend you to contact professionals who have a history of resolving issues like these if you ever face the complexities of having to bear a sluggish Sugar.


So, did you experience any of the signs listed above? Is your business in need of an optimizing their Sugar? How about you let us know in the comments section below.

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