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Okay. So today we are going to boast about how we have helped our SugarCRM customers operating in the health and fitness industry achieve phenomenal success. Be it customization, integrations, training or support, we left no stone unturned over the past decade in delivering the perfect CRM healthcare solutions to our clients. Rolustech has always put its customers at its heart. Sales go up and down but service stays forever. We have strictly adhered to this principle as customer satisfaction is the pillar of our business strategy.

1. Urban Riders

health and fitness CRM

Urban Riders is one of the leading fitness clubs in Turkey with multiple franchises located in various cities. The club is well known for providing excellent fitness and training services to its clients and helping them adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Challenges: An increasing amount of internet traffic was being routed to Urban Rider’s website through mobile devices. In order to make the decision making process more convenient and swift for the customers, Urban Riders decided to have its own mobile app so the customers could have all the information at their fingertips even when they were on the move.

Solution: Our mobile development team set out to build an app that would encompass all the requirements set forth by Urban Riders. The app had the following salient features:

  • Customers could book their training sessions.
  • Customers could view the profile of all the instructors
  • Instructors could post their training videos which customers could view
  • Payment gateways were integrated
  • Campaign management feature was added through which the company could launch campaigns

2. FitSales

health and fitness CRM

FitSales is a Health, Wellness, and Fitness company located in California. With its state of the art equipment, the club provides holistic fitness services including massages, swimming pool, basketball court, badminton court squash court, indoor cycling and yoga among other facilities that extend beyond the traditional gym concept.

Challenges: The owner and CEO of FitSales asked our development team to completely customize Sugar CE that would serve as an all-encompassing tool to monitor and manage the complete business operations of his fitness club.

Solution: This was a big project which demanded proper planning. A plethora of SugarCRM integrations and customization had to be done to design a completely bespoke system.

The following integrations were done:

  • ABC financials, a comprehensive billing services software that allows members to access the financial system from anywhere
  • ID scanner integration, a driving license scanning solution that enables a new customer’s data to be added in the CRM system quickly and accurately.
  • Twilio integration to provide a complete telephony solution.

The following modules were customized:

  • Theme customization to make the user interface of Sugar intuitive and visually appealing
  • Tasks module to help users create and assign tasks.
  • Questionnaire module to gather information for particular modules.
  • Notes module to create, view, and import notes & attachments to records.
  • Goal and Target module for the sales manager to set goals for the club and view their potential sales targets.
  • Calendar module to schedule calls, meetings, and tasks.
  • Appointments module to schedule, view and manage appointments.
  • Marketing module for lead source analysis.
  • Reports module to provide a feature-rich and user-friendly web interface for managing reports within the system.

3. Ark Sciences

health and fitness CRM

A pharmaceutical company based in New York, Ark Sciences is committed to improving the well being and welfare of animals. Its world-class pharmaceutical products are specifically engineered to provide the least invasive, non-surgical sterilization processes. Ark Sciences currently has patent protection on several key products that will revolutionize the treatment of animals and is closely affiliated with many universities worldwide.

Challenges: Ark Sciences wanted to adopt a CRM software that would act as the single point of data entry for client information. Moreover, it needed an all-encompassing tool to handle the various stages involved in the sales cycle. The most pressing issue was to have a unified system that could be seamlessly integrated with payment gateways and shipping providers to get accurate, real-time rates from multiple vendors.


  • The theme of the login page of the company was redesigned to make it more visually appealing for the users.
  • The website was integrated with Sugar.
  • Sugar was integrated with a number of payment gateways like Paypal and Authorize. Net
  • Integration with United Parcel Service (UPS) was done for calculating shipment charges of different packages.
  • The Invoice module was customized to generate invoices and view transactions from inside Sugar.
  • Avalara Tax was integrated to calculate sales tax.

4. The Local Bark

health and fitness CRM
The Local Bark is a premier pet grooming facility for dogs located in Cordova, California providing boarding, training, grooming and caring services. Dogs can stay, play and learn while they are at the Local Bark. Pet owners need not worry about their dogs if they have to travel or there is an emergency where pets are not allowed. Moreover, dogs can also be dropped at the Local Bark if they have fallen ill or require any sort of training.

Challenges: The owner of Local Bark was using a very basic version of Sugar 6 to manage the day to day operations of his pet care facility. However, he realized that getting his Sugar customized to add a few additional modules would aid him in taking care of all the pets on his premises in a more systematic and coherent manner. This would also enable the company to deliver personalized customer service.

Solution: The following modules of Sugar 6 were customized:

  • Room allocation module to keep track of rooms allocated to dogs.
  • Alerts module to keep check of whether a dog needs immediate attention due to illness, injury, etc.
  • The Medication module lists the name of the medicine, its dosage, the time of day at which it needs to be given and the instructions on how to administer it.
  • Diets module lists the diet, its amount & the time of the day at which it needs to be delivered to each pet.
  • The Grooming module lists the grooming services, their price and the time of day at which each grooming needs to start and end.
  • Training module lists the training service (group classes or private training), the name of the instructor assigned to a pet and the price of the service.


The default functionalities of a CRM would not suffice for businesses operating in specialized industries. The healthcare industry is no exception. The need to customize some modules and integrate a few third-party plugins is bound to arise. You should always extend the functionality of your CRM if you want to extract the maximum benefit out of it. If the CRM is Sugar, you can always reach out to us for a FREE Business Analysis!

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