SugarCRM Success Stories: Manufacturing Industry

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The manufacturing industry is one of the biggest and one of the most profitable industries in the world. However, manufacturing firms now face unprecedented pressure to provide personalized services to improve customer engagement and enhance customer retention. We at Rolustech are fully aware of the fact that each manufacturer has unique requirements and needs a customized CRM solution to deliver seamless customer experience.

Let’s shed some light on how we have helped manufacturers transform their business over the years by meeting diverse challenges!

WK Marble and Granite

SugarCRM Success Story: WK Marble and Granite Pty Ltd

Established in 1989, WK Marble & Granite Pty Ltd is a leading distributor of engineered and natural stone. It distributes its premium range of products across Australia. WK had a team of several salespeople who managed key business accounts in their respective regions. The salespeople had to make regular visits to their vendors on daily, weekly and monthly bases. To manage its sales operations, WK banked on Sugar Professional.


WK’s management needed a customized SugarCRM solution, something much more visual to see the performance of its sales offices across regions. WK wanted its salespeople to see their respective accounts on Google Maps inside Sugar and also wanted to show their scheduled meetings with the vendors on Google Maps. WK was already using RT SalesMap – our plugin for Sugar and Google Maps – but wanted to customize the whole system to meet their specific needs.


  • A customized Google Maps view inside Sugar
  • A Mobile App showing the daily roster to Sales reps
  • Reporting on the Scheduled Visits/Meetings
  • Roles and Privileges Configuration

Keystone Technologies

SugarCRM Success Story: Keystone Technologies

Keystone Technologies was founded by Marvin Spielman and Harold Fox, brothers-in-law returning home from World War II. Fluorescent lighting was just becoming a popular, energy-efficient alternative to incandescent bulbs, so the two budding entrepreneurs formed Keystone in Philadelphia with a singular focus on manufacturing ballasts and transformers. They now specialize in selling LED lighting products to domestic consumers and companies.


Keystone Technologies was using Sugar 7 Professional Edition for its business. After expanding its product offering , the company found it difficult to accommodate diverse sales channels. There was a growing realization that an out-of-the-box Sugar solution was not entirely serving its business needs. Hence, the need arose to get the CRM customized to augment its functionality. 


  • To keep information in sync between Sugar and Google apps such as Gmail or calendar events, the RT GSync plugin developed by Rolustech itself was integrated with their CRM.
  • To simplify the complex decision making process due to large data sets, and to enable the company to get an accurate picture of which products were generating the greatest profits, custom reports were built.
  • File Transfer Protocol, a standard Internet Protocol for transmitting files between computers on the Internet, was integrated with Sugar.
  • The default functionality of Roles & Privileges was extended to mitigate security concerns.

Inhance Technologies

SugarCRM Success Story: Inhance Technologies

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Inhance Technologies specializes in transforming conventional plastics into high-performance materials. The company provides customized plastic solutions to various industries such as Automotive, Construction, Industrial, Healthcare to name a few across the United States.


Since Inhance Technologies had a nationwide presence with a highly diverse product portfolio,  it realized the need of customizing its Sugar in order to have a centralized system through which it could conveniently manage its sales pipeline, accommodate diverse sales channels and generate custom reports for the senior management. Constrained by its default SugarCRM, Inhance Technologies contacted Rolustech to determine the best course of action.


  • Theme customization to make the User Interface more user-friendly and visually appealing to assist the users as they navigate through Sugar.
  • Quote module customization to generate quotes depending on the particular industry the prospective client operates in and then track those quotes, thereby having a consolidated Quotation Management System.
  • Customized charts to evaluate the income generated against a particular quote.
  • Activity Report for the admin to run a single report on all activities in SugarCRM. Activities include emails, tasks, meetings, notes, and calls.
  • Pipeline Report to view the revenue generated by each sales rep in each division of the company on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.
  • Kinamu Reports plugin was installed and customized to empower the management to do an in depth analysis of the data present in the CRM.

Portable Solutions for Industry (PSI)

SugarCRM Success Story: PSI

This is a small-sized company based in the United Kingdom well known for its unique products in the computer hardware industry.  Their expertise covers all popular makes of handheld terminals, palmtops, PDAs, pen-based devices and radio frequency data communication devices.


PSI had to deal directly with clients and as the company was growing; its customer base was growing alongside. The system that was being used by PSI did not have the capacity to handle the growing amount of data. Moreover, PSI was using a desktop based application which could only cater to a limited number of clients and upgrades were being deployed at a slow pace. In a world where the web plays a crucial role in business development, PSI was beginning to lose out.


A team of experts analyzed the needs of PSI and recommended the implementation of a Sugar solution.

  • 500 million units of data were migrated over a span of just two weeks
  • Sugar was integrated with MailChimp
  • Monthly recurring revenue forecasting reports were generated
  • These reports facilitated PSI in dealing with its clients since the company could predict the Return on Investment (ROI)
  • On-site training was provided

Safetech Hardware

SugarCRM Success Story: Safetech Hardware

Safetech Hardware is an international leader in the design and manufacture of revolutionary patented gate and fence hardware solutions. The company uses the latest advances in physics and engineering to design security products for markets in Europe, Australia, the US and the Middle East.


Safetech Hardware wanted to extract the data records of  its Australian and New Zealander customers from its SugarCRM Community Edition and export them in an Excel file. The records that were of interest to Safetech were residing in three modules: Leads, Accounts and Contacts. The Excel file would then be imported into another CRM. Furthermore, the company required a few integrations to extend the functionality of its CRM system.


  • Custom PHP script was used to query the database and get the relevant module data.
  • CSV files for each module were prepared which could easily be opened in Microsoft Excel.
  • Opacus plugin was installed to sync emails, calls, meetings and tasks between Sugar and Outlook.
  • Twilio was integrated with Sugar so that calls could be made to the Leads, Contacts and Accounts and SMS campaigns could be run from within the CRM.

Key Takeaway

Those manufacturing businesses have excelled who can envisage future demand and then get products to the market before their competitors do. A highly customized CRM solution can deliver a 360-degree view of customers as well as business processes. If you are using or intend to use Sugar for your business, do be sure to get it customized in order to extract the maximum benefit out of it.

Rolustech is a SugarCRM Certified Developer & Partner Firm. We have helped more than 700 firms with various SugarCRM integrations and customization. Get in touch today for your FREE Business Analysis. We will be happy to assist you!

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