SugarCRM – Summer ’18 Release is HERE!

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The Summer 18 release of SugarCRM is here with improvements across the board. From process management to user-interface and communication style, there are new features in place to give users all the more reason to use SugarCRM. The Summer 18 Release emphasizes on Collaboration, User Experience, and Data Privacy as its 3 stand out features. Let’s take a closer look!


SugarCRM Summer release has an expanded reports library with close to 70 new reports built-in, taking the total to over 110 reports. This gives users a lot more customization options. These reports now include charts that can be viewed in the Product Catalog Dashlet (introduced in Spring ‘18 release) and lets you share relevant metrics with your team. The new reports can help identify:

  • Open Quotes this Month
  • Bugs by Product Category by Status
  • Cases with No calls, Meetings, Emails


SugarCRM - Summer '18

There’s a new Scheduled Reports module to schedule emailed reports, and comes with added functionality with the intelligence pane. You can easily access scheduled reports from the “Reports” tab.

Hopping on the Collaboration bandwagon is an all-new login page. The company updates, product information, and upcoming events are present on the login page for a more connected experience. However, if you’re using a customized login screen, this option is disabled by default.

User Experience

Welcome emojis to SugarCRM. Yes, you heard that right. The SugarCRM summer release comes with emojis in the email module. They show up when messages are logged in from an external application. Apart from emails, users can also use emojis in SugarCRM text fields. This is one feature that with be patched out for Sugar 8.0, the others are still exclusive to Sugar 9.0.

The second update to user experience is advanced workflows. Email templates and process business rules now export as part of the related process file. This improves the import process and makes the experimentation phase easier. You can easily interpret the entire functionality in a testing environment before rolling it out. Another new feature is the ability to trigger events based on certain criteria i.e. you can trigger an email to go out to the Marketing team once a lead completes a set of objectives. This feature can also be used to automate certain human activities e.g. you can trigger an email to the Manager if a quote isn’t approved in time.

SugarCRM - Summer '18

Data Privacy

The SugarCRM Summer 18 release follows up on GDPR Compliance from earlier versions with the implementation of a double opt-in. Users can send custom generated links to customers to ensure their consent for future communication. When a customer clicks on this link, their email is marked opted-in, ensuring privacy is not breached.

The second is an Erasure feature that deletes data from the activity stream after the completion of the project.. The data is then replaced by “Value Erased” in the activity stream.

Our Two Bits!

SugarCRM has come out with a solid new release this summer, and if you haven’t already, you should definitely go ahead and upgrade. The new login page and emoji support go a long way in making SugarCRM seem fresh. GDPR is a hot topic in and of itself and compliance is a no-brainer, with more and more organizations feeling the full blunt of its force its good to be proactive. The addition to reports and advanced workflows present more customization and ease for users.

SugarCRM is going to have a problem on its hands trying to beat this Summer release – but it looks like its a good problem to have!

Being a SugarCRM Certified Partner, Rolustech is your one-stop shop for all things SugarCRM. For any queries regarding the SugarCRM 8 Summer ’18 Release or for a Free CRM consultation session, be sure to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

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