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CRM implementation can definitely skyrocket growth in your business. This isn’t us claiming it, but what numbers say! According to Capterra, 65% of businesses adopt a CRM platform within their first five years of business. This is also because the CRM platform has a stellar return on investment. As per the stats by Nucleus Research, the average ROI on CRM investment is $8.71 for every dollar spent. That’s a lot of money.

However, the question is why some companies aren’t able to fully realize the potential of CRM in their business. The reason lies in a lack of CRM software training. A lot of companies don’t spend on proper CRM training and fall short of transforming their business.

Imagine this: you invest in a top-notch CRM platform that is customized to fit your business needs. It was a huge investment of time and money. Now, you are expecting to drive high profits and see a boost in business growth with the right CRM implementation strategy. However, to your surprise, your team doesn’t feel empowered and is not keen/accustomed to using the CRM platform.

The solution? Go for CRM software training and reap the full benefits of your CRM platform

So, let’s get started and see how CRM training can help your business. For this article, we’re going to focus on SugarCRM training. However, don’t worry. SugarCRM is an open-source platform and one of the best CRM in the market and its training will equip you to use all popular CRM platforms in the market.

Benefits of SugarCRM Platform Training

Increased User Adoption Rate

If your team isn’t achieving the expected ROI from CRM investment, that’s probably because they don’t know how to use a CRM properly. This calls for training to increase the CRM user adoption rate.

CRM software training will motivate employees to start using CRM and be comfortable using it. Moreover, they will also be able to leverage CRM to optimize business processes and increase user productivity. 

To speed up the process and to make things more interactive, you could add a touch of gamification. Many companies use gamification to push user adoption and improve engagement. This ensures that your team gets accustomed to the software quickly and has some fun along the way as well. 

Get In-Depth Knowledge of CRM Features

Equip your employees with sound knowledge of CRM features, so they know how to navigate through the software. Even if your CRM is user-intuitive, you can train the employees to uncover advanced capabilities through CRM software training.

For example, maybe your sales team doesn’t know that CRM software is mobile friendly? Another such instance could be to train your marketing team to do effective campaign management by leveraging the built-in features of CRM. Your team also needs to know about the flexibility of SugarCRM to customize workflows and integrate it with other business software being used in the company. Hence, with proper CRM training, they can fully unlock these hidden capabilities and boost productivity.

Drive Efficiency in Daily Tasks

What’s the use of a CRM platform when you don’t know how to incorporate it into your daily tasks at work! To ensure smooth operations and maximum business efficiency, your employees should know how CRM will benefit them. 

For example, your team needs to know how they can automate workflows and reduce cyclical tasks with the CRM platform. Another highly useful application of CRM in the day-to-day operations would be to integrate it with other software and streamline the business processes through a unified platform.

Moreover, with all the data in the CRM, it is important how we use it to make decisions. So, your team should be aware of the advanced reporting functions in the CRM. They need to understand how to play around with the interactive reporting features and dashboards. Hence, this makes CRM training imperative so that your team understands the true value of CRM as the best business software and knows how it will boost productivity.

Get Answers to All Your CRM Related Queries

When your team sits to understand how the CRM platform works, it will soon turn into a discussion full of actionable insights. SugarCRM platform training will help you take input from your team and how they’re using the software for various business functions. This will help you come up with ways to optimize usage and see how you can further refine processes, e.g. it’s possible that your sales and marketing team are working independently and maintaining separate records which is a cumbersome task, if not erroneous. With the right training, you can pick out these productivity issues and really move forward.

The discussions will also give the employees a chance to suggest suitable CRM integrations with other business software that are being used already by your team. Moreover, getting your queries answered by our CRM experts will help in increasing the knowledge of your team about the application of CRM in business.

Plan Ahead and Identify Issues In Time

After CRM implementation, it is important to figure out the CRM issues hindering the proper usability of the CRM platform. Now, if you go for CRM training, it gets quite easy to gauge the understanding of your team and see what problems they are facing. Hence, bringing the team to one table will result in determining the issues before they hinder work progress.   

Better ROI on CRM Investment

Companies that invest in CRM stay ahead of their competitors. However, it is important to use the CRM properly to have the highest ROI. After SugarCRM training, your users will be well-versed with the functionalities of the CRM. As your team will be comfortable with the CRM, it will result in better reporting, informed decision making, and happy customers.

Increased Efficiency in Business

In this digital age, companies are leveraging the best business software for customer relationship management. It is important to have intelligent customer journeys and leverage data when strategizing. SugarCRM lets you deliver personalized experiences and level up your business by increasing efficiency. However, you first need to have a team that is trained to use SugarCRM to drive efficiency in your business processes. 

What Sets Apart Rolustech?

At Rolustech, SugarCRM training is well thought-out and executed in a seamless way. Our SugarCRM Experts put in the time and effort to get a clear idea of your business needs and how CRM can be used to streamline processes in your company. Be it the technicalities or application of CRM in your business, our SugarCRM Certified team will make SugarCRM adoption in your organization much easier. 

Moreover, the highly-skilled SugarCRM Developers at Rolustech will have you covered for all your SugarCRM Customization and Integration needs so that your platform speaks to you, and not the other way around. With the help of our tailored SugarCRM training, your team will be comfortable using SugarCRM and will be eager to leverage it fully to unlock the hidden potential of your business. 

Get Your SugarCRM Training Now!

So now you have a very clear idea of how SugarCRM training can make or break your CRM implementation and why you must opt for the best SugarCRM Implementation solution. SugarCRM training plays a key role in equipping your team with the expertise to properly use the best business software that your company has invested in. So make the decision wisely! 

Rolustech is a SugarCRM Certified Partner firm. We have helped more than 700 firms with various SugarCRM Services. Get in touch today for your FREE Business Analysis. We will be happy to assist you!

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