How to Upgrade to SugarCRM 7?

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SugarCRM CE 6.x has been one of the most popular enterprise products with deep penetration among all the industries using CRM software, however, the upgraded version SugarCRM 7 has stirred a little confusion among the users’ circles as they were accustomed to using the old UI, UX, and functionality. So basically the confusion about SugarCRM upgrade to version 7 has its roots in violation of the comfort zone instead of issues regarding technology, simplicity or user-friendliness and this is the primary reason that many of the Sugar users are still stuck with SugarCRM 6.x.

The technical reviews of Sugar 7 have encouraged a lot of people to finally upgrade their software (not that they’re left with a choice) but the nature and degree of change is the primary question in focus. The users of CE 6.x need to know what has changed in version 7 in order to determine how hard it would be for them to upgrade and adopt the change. Below is the list of the key functionalities that have been introduced in the new version.

Key Changes in SugarCRM 7:

  • Improved interface
  • New modules (i.e Revenue Line Items)
  • WildCard with filters
  • SideCar housing multiple components
  • Improved Search
  • Preview of items from List View and Record View
  • Accurate sales forecast
  • Help Dashlet in dashboard
  • Dashboard feature in all views
  • In-Line edit from List View and Record View
  • Improved performance
  • Mobile adaptability

How to Upgrade to Sugar 7?

You will find yourself exposed to a number of major changes after the upgrade, therefore, it’s best to create a backup of your data before the process in order to ensure information safety. Before the upgrade process, you’ll have to perform a code scan that would detect the code(s) that likely won’t upgrade and allow you to keep the jammed module(s) in the backward compatible mode until the functionalities and customization can be upgraded to fit the new framework. Performing a test upgrade on a copy of the SugarCRM edition you’re using is a good idea as it can save you a lot of trouble in case anything goes wrong. The On-Demand users can enjoy the perks of a free one-week upgrade when notified about. You should spend at least a week to plan, perform and implement the upgrade so that no ugly surprises can ruin your experience moving forward.

Hardware Requirements


Initial server requirements in order to install any of the SugarCRM editions are:

  • 16GB memory
  • 8 core processors
  • 40GB hard disk space

Elastic Search Server

A second server that runs global and is used to contain and index all the records. It’s better to have the increased overhead in the second server for improved performance of the system.

The minimum requirements for installation of Elastic Search Installation 1.4.4 for SugarCRM are:

  • 8 GB Memory
  • 4 Core Processors
  • 40GB Hard Disk Space

Backup Routines and Schedulers

The minimum requirements for the installation of Backup Routine and Schedulers for SugarCRM are:

  • Any server except for the same physical machine as above

These can also be VMs (Virtual Machines) as long as the minimum requirements are met.

Style Guide:

There is a lot to discover in SugarCRM 7 and for that, a complete Style Guide is available in the section “developers tools” that helps you get an overview of your upgraded version of SugarCRM.


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