SugarCRM Wins Best CRM Award Yet Again!

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If you map out SugarCRM from it’s creation in 2004 to now, there’s a general trend showing that SugarCRM has gone from strength to strength. From being a startup titled “Sugar Open Source” to evolving into one of the pioneer CRM platforms, SugarCRM has done it in just a decade. It has had quite a journey through the course of these 10 years, and by the looks of its, all of that dedication and commitment has paid off. The annual Business Choice Survey by PC Magazine placed SugarCRM as the winner of the 2018 CRM Award, for the fourth year running.

SugarCRM is now one of the leading customer management systems with a client base of over 50,000 organizations. The SugarCRM app has been downloaded more than 7 million times, showing the market’s preference for SugarCRM. The fact that it stood first among the likes of Salesforce, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics is a testament to SugarCRM’s commitment towards innovation and its status as a leader in the CRM market.


This is a fourth consecutive win for SugarCRM. It leads in terms of overall satisfaction, likelihood of recommendation, and reliability; with higher scores than its competitors in almost every category. Suffice it to say, SugarCRM has blown its competition to smithereens.

In light of this coveted achievement, let’s take a look at what makes SugarCRM different; before taking a stroll down memory lane into its history.

Complete Contact Management

One of the most defining features of SugarCRM is its contact management. SugarCRM consolidates client information from every nook and cranny and pulls it to the center so you know who you’re dealing with, their history, and their behaviors, all in a matter of minutes. Managing a client is all about understanding them and SugarCRM makes sure you check all the marks in this regard.

Piles and Piles of Integrations

When it comes to integrations, you name it and SugarCRM probably has it. SugarExchange sits as a much smarter solution than native integrations and enables a plethora of popular platforms i.e. MailChimp, DocuSign, etc to easily integrate into SugarCRM. Every industry vertical needs certain apps pertaining to its business and having an integration-friendly CRM platform is a stuff of dreams. With a wide range of SugarCRM plug-ins also available, enhancing the functionality of your Sugar is incredibly simple!

Support Desk

CRM can be complex and every now and then, you’re probably going to find yourself looking for a little support. Well fear not, all you have to do is hover over to the lower-left corner and click the “Help and Support” button; an experienced agent will be there to assist you in whatever way you need. There’s also tons of resource material in Sugar University to help users guide themselves. If you think that doesn’t solve your problem, head over to community discussions from the Help Dashlet and ask peers for help. All these different outlets and options show SugarCRM’s commitment to its users’ satisfaction and contentment.

All of this might sound like SugarCRM just managed to tick all the right boxes but that’s never the case, not with Sugar or with any business for that matter. Hurdles and setbacks go hand in hand when it comes to the business industry. Down the road, SugarCRM has fended off a fair share of its own hurdles to cement itself as a leading authority in the CRM market. This infographic explains the journey of SugarCRM from 2004 to 2018, take a look!

SugarCRM award infographic

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