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SugarCRM recently released the latest version of its mobile application, Sugar Mobile 2.5. The newer version has made the app a lot more powerful and easy to use and function.

SugarCRM’s mobile app looks and feels similar to the Sugar browser platform, which makes it easier for users to adapt to it quickly. Using this app provides you quick access to create, view and edit records. The offline mode feature also provides more convenience, as you can utilize your CRM on the go. You can log calls, emails, texts, etc. and instantaneously respond to leads, leading to better management of the leads and prospects. The app comes with no additional cost and is available in both iOS and Android versions.

Sugar Mobile Version 2.5 Features

Let’s take a look at the new features that come with the new update.

Activity Stream

The Activity Stream is available from the main menu for users using Sugar 7.x instances. This Stream helps enhance collaboration within teams. With the @mention feature, users can tag other team members in posts. You can also reference records using the #reference feature.


Users can personalize the start page/homepage with the most relevant view. Go to settings and choose your favorite dashboard, Activity Stream, global search, module and more. This makes the application easier to navigate.


Sugar 7.x users can access dashboards since they are now compatible with Sugar Mobile. Dashboards give you quick access to charts and lists. Supported dashlets are listed below:

  • Activity Stream
  • List View
  • Active Tasks
  • History
  • Inactive Tasks
  • Planned Activities
  • Top 10 Sales
  • Saved Reports Chart
  • Forecast Bar Chart (Forecast charts require Sugar 7.6 or above)
  • Forecast Pipeline Chart (Forecast charts require Sugar 7.6 or above)
  • In Forecast (Forecast charts require Sugar 7.6 or above)

Closing Activities

Calls, meetings, tasks, etc. can be closed using the “Close” Actions menu option.

Sugar Mobile Version 2.5 can be updated using the ‘update’ functionality. Another way to upgrade is to search for “SugarCRM Mobile” in the application store, or by using the following links:

  1. Google Play Store
  2. Apple App Store

SugarCRM Mobile Version 2.5 is compatible with Sugar 6.7.1 and above, and will soon be compatible with Sugar 7.6 and the future releases. You Mobile App may not fit your entire business needs, and you may want to add up a few things. We can help you out with this. We specialize in customizing Sugar related apps and systems, so your systems can cater to all your requirements.


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