The Need For Magento eCommerce In Times Of COVID 19

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In the uncertain times of a rising global pandemic, businesses are undergoing a transformative phase where the conventional brick and mortar operations are no longer the primary stakeholders when it comes to serving the needs of the customers. This is because the customer requirements themselves have been shaped by COVID 19. 

The COVID 19 virus has led to people quarantining in their homes and not venturing out in crowded marketplaces or retail outlets. However, the need to shop remains. This has created some room for eCommerce setups to proliferate at an unprecedented rate. The demand for online shopping has risen through the ranks and is, as of today, one, of the most important features of a business.

ECommerce platforms such as Magento are instrumental in addressing the need to build tailored online shopping experiences for greater customer satisfaction in the COVID backdrop. With a platform well-equipped to handle the rising demand for online shopping, Magento can lead the way towards the advent of a brand new way in which eCommerce is conducted. The task, however, does come with its challenges. 

So how can eCommerce prove itself essential in the wake of the pandemic? And what pitfalls must it avoid? Let’s have a look!

Benefits Of eCommerce In The COVID Backdrop

Magento can be leveraged to make eCommerce websites for various businesses to keep the world functioning in the midst of quarantine, where the demand for certain products and services increases, and can only be met through online solutions.

Keep Essential Businesses Operating

Businesses like groceries, farmer’s markets, and food banks are essential businesses that must remain open or at least operating within a pandemic. Other important operations include banking services, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and gas stations. Many of these essential businesses have been kept open during the COVID lockdown, however, many of these could be converted completely, or partially, into eCommerce platforms to ensure greater health security for both, vendors and clients.

For businesses such as groceries, vendors could leverage eCommerce platforms to sell and deliver the products through an online website. The eCommerce platform could also be utilized by homeless shelters and soup kitchens to keep donors informed about their current capacity and resources that they have so as to encourage charity. 

Purchase Necessary Equipment

With a global increase in the use of protective equipment and cleanliness products, there is a never-ending demand that needs to be met with sufficient supply. It is also true that much of the protective equipment is hard to come by and could also be overpriced. With online vendors pitching in to sell good quality products that are readily available, they could be much more helpful and could reach the required customers such as healthcare officials.

Retail Shopping Experience Made Easy

With non-essential businesses effectively closed, customers redirect their attention to online retail websites in order to buy the products they require. The online retail shopping experience can be made convenient and easy by building just the right eCommerce website which displays all the product inventory to the customers and also helps them navigate it easily. To top it off, delivery services from these online retailers enable customers to buy any product they need without having to leave the safety of their house.

Online Education Platforms

One of the most important uses of an online platform is to be able to impart educational services to those who have had to leave their respective institutions. Be they primary school children, high schoolers, or even college students, the institutions of each group have leveraged one online platform or another to continue to teach virtually. Many of these educational institutions are run as businesses so the earning, as well as the learning, can continue driving revenue from their operations.

Healthcare Service Platforms

Another need of the hour, in the face of the COVID scenario, is a readily available platform to discuss health issues without having to go to a doctor in person. Using an effective online health service platform, users can easily get their issues diagnosed and medicines prescribed. Much of the consultancy required does not need the doctor and patient to be present in the same room and so the interactions can be carried out on the online platform. Apart from the regular issues, the platform would also be instrumental in giving some well researched and accurate information about COVID. Possible patients could share their symptoms online and could be quarantined at home, instead of bringing the pathogen in a public place. All this and more can easily be done via the Magento eCommerce platform.

Challenges To Look Out For

As with any global crisis, any action done for the convenience of the public can inadvertently cause issues too. With the burgeoning eCommerce trend in the wake of COVID 19, some limitations and challenges can cause the operations to slow down or falter. 

One of the biggest concerns is the supply chain delivery issue. With so many customers ordering so many items from home, the products will either have to be replaced quickly or shipped around the world. These supply chains could face a supply shortage or be given limited access in their routes across the world. This could affect the delivery times of the product which is undesirable, especially when concerning the supply chain for medical equipment. 

The demands for non-essential retail products could also suffer, with most of the supply chain contacts being used for the delivery of essential products. This situation has terrible effects on the economy and negatively affects the few businesses which had decided to make the most of the quarantine by using their online stores.

Our Two Bits!

The time for the eCommerce boom is in the here and now. With special considerations made towards supplying products for the needs of frontline workers, the eCommerce trend could positively contribute to the fight against COVID. Online stores, educational platforms, and online healthcare services are also much needed in the current times. All this can be done by leveraging Magento’s eCommerce platform to create online shopping experiences.

Rolustech offers highly skilled Magento experts who can design, develop, and deploy a multi-channel eCommerce platform. With services such as Magento Customization and website development, Rolustech aims to contribute positively during these times, with special regards to the ways in which the online shopping experience can make the quarantine go much easier for all people involved. 

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