Top 10 CRM Myths


The integration of a CRM into your entire business process can sound a bit overwhelming at first. Because of its immense popularity, the CRM market is expected to reach $37 billion worldwide in 2017. More and more companies and businesses globally are adopting the CRM culture. CRM is now a part of ventures across all domains; from finance, to engineering to legal firms.

Since every business now has a growth oriented mindset and approach, there are many things that must be kept in consideration whilst considering the implementation a CRM. But there is one problem. There are many myths surrounding CRMs that breed reluctance in the mind of business people. For you, we will debunk some of the most common CRM myths.

1) CRM is quite complex

Most people who have been in industries other than the IT industry continue to think that operating a CRM cannot be done without being extremely tech savvy or having a degree in an IT related field. This perception is untrue. Most of the CRMs available today are quite user friendly and would require basic computer related knowledge to make you proficient.
Yes, you will have to devote some time to learning your newly implemented CRM, but believe me; it is not complex and would require only a little time to make you completely competent and adept.

2) CRM is only for monitoring your employees

Yet again, we are presented with a wrong perception. Yes, it true that managers are better able to monitor the activities of their employees, but that is not the sole (or primary) purpose of a CRM. Various other outstanding features are available as well. Marketing automation, sales insights, improved forecasting ability, increased revenues and shortened sales cycles are some the recurring features that your business experiences after the implementation of a CRM. Compressing the entire purpose of a CRM into a monitoring tool for managers is simply unjust and incorrect.

3) Only the most popular CRM can do the job.

People might not know; the CRM market is not a monopoly. It is in fact a very competitive market and there are a lot of companies who battle for their place to the top. They fight each other for a better product and better prices. Yes, some CRMs are inherently better than others but it still doesn’t mean that you end up doing exactly what everybody else is doing. Conduct thorough research, look at the price tags and the in-built features and I’m sure you will come up the conclusion that there are a lot of options in the CRM market with most of them being equally competent.

4) Cloud CRM lacks data security.

Wrong! Cloud providers go through great amounts of detail and take every precaution they can to make sure the all data remains secure. They have complex firewalls, security protocols, data encryption and various other parameters to make sure that the data of their client remains far away from people with mal-intentions. This is truly a myth; think about it. Have you ever heard of any scandal regarding major data theft from a leading CRM provider? No, I haven’t either.

5) Implementing CRM is really expensive.

Wrong, again! That is because you are looking at only the market leader. Explore other options as well. Believe me, others are equally good. Even the most basic CRM with the most basic functionality will be a great investment. There are various CRMs available that are affordable, have good features, provide a personal touch and have no recurring costs. You just have to find the perfect choice.

6) The hidden costs after implementation of a CRM are very high.

Well this is untrue as well. I mean, costs will definitely be incurred if you seek to make your CRM more advanced. You’ll have to get more integrations and customizations according to your needs, and of course, that will cost you. But these are not ‘hidden costs’. The CRM vendor will tell you the price of each of these integrations, the fee for providing support and so on. But it’s not like they will charge you for something you did not agree to.

7) CRM is only for giant corporations.

Take a look at this blog. This blog is an answer to this myth. Small and medium sized business have benefited more in terms of growth, after implanting a CRM, when compared to  multinationals and large corporations. Processes of small and medium businesses are easily regulated, streamlined and enhanced using an efficient CRM.

8) CRM implementation will take too long.

Well it really depends on the size of your corporation. If you are a company that has been in your respective industry of a lot of decades and have piles and piles of data, then of course the amalgamation would require some time. But like I said before, you need to thoroughly research for an efficient CRM vendor before signing a contract with them. Educate them with all the details of your business and ask them for a time frame. If the vendor dedicates a good amount of resources for your cause, I am sure that the implementation process would pass by in a breeze.
CRM implementation only takes long if the data sets of your company are enormous and inefficient CRM vendors meet. Other than that, the process of integration is rather simple and rapid.

9) A CRM has no real use on the field.

With the advent of mobile CRM, this myth is reduced to nothing more than a misconception. Your sales people will have business insights on the go. It won’t matter where they are geographically located. Mobile CRM will provide them access to all the necessary information whilst they are performing their sales duties in the field. Integrations with Google Maps has been a remarkable milestone for most of the CRMs. Now, your sales people will have access to the locations of your potential leads and clients using their mobile phones. Mobile CRM is indeed a revolutionary step in the field of Sales.

10) A CRM vendor can never be a true partner.

This might be the most annoying myth of them all. People always believe that CRM vendors are only looking to rip them off. This is absolutely not true. A CRM vendor will only be successful if they have a recurring consumer base. The rules of business apply to the CRM vendors as much as anybody else. CRM vendors also look to establish trustworthy relationships and are extremely committed to play an active role in the success of their clients.

Have me been successful in clearing any miscommunication? Or did you believe in any of the myths mentioned above? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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