Top 5 Blog Posts of Rolustech in 2015

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As 2015 comes to an end, we’re reflecting back on all of the exciting articles, popular blogs and awesome tips that we have shared in the Rolustech Blog this year. Did you manage to catch all of these popular blog posts? If not, don’t worry. Here are the top CRM Blogs from 2015 that we have compiled for you.

1). Email Marketing Integrations for Sugar

Email marketing has become an imperative part of enterprises in this competitive business environment where approaching millions of people to communicate your message is the only way to survive. One can easily beef up the power of its CRM system by integrating a robust tool with Sugar.

2). SugarCRM vs Salesforce

If you’re trying to find a CRM system for your business, you’ve probably already encountered the giant CRM vendor Salesforce. No doubt, it is a major player but ask yourself this; is it the right choice for your business? Is it the one? As your choice of CRM is critical to your business success, just don’t run into making a hasty decision.

3). Process Author – The Future of Workflows

You may have already heard about the changes that are coming to Sugar’s Workflow Engine by the end of next year. If you haven’t, don’t panic; relax! We have got you covered. Sugar recently announced that the legacy Workflow module will be deprecated in the near future. With this change, all new and existing workflows are to be created using SugarCRM’s new Advanced Workflow tool known as Process Author™.

4). Tips About Improving Customer Engagement

Believe it or not, customer engagement is the key to your business’s success. In this contemporary world, customer engagement can be regarded as the means for a successful and ever-growing business. This is because customers are the lifeblood of your establishment. They determine the success or failure of your business. So pay heed to enrich your customer engagement.

5). Salesforce vs SugarCRM Pricing

When it comes to buying a new CRM system, smart organizations do more analysis than simply looking at the up-front costs of the software. Many software vendors downplay the actual cost of a system to quickly seal the deal. As a result of this, organizations end up paying extra charges for third-party products or essential business features.

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