Top 5 CRM Implementation Mistakes

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By implementing business technologies like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, companies can stay ahead of their competitors in the market. This enables companies to offer consistent, and improved customer experience. as they have most up-to-date information on their fingertips. However, there are several CRM implementation mistakes that can sink a solution before it’s even fully operational. Rolustech has deployed hundreds of CRM customization and over time, we have come to discern some of the most common mistakes that can eventually translate to CRM failure.

We have outlined five common mistakes below:

1). Not Getting Business Problems Right:

Many organizations neglect the need of determining their business problems beforehand. As a result, they don’t know what they are aiming to achieve from a  CRM implementation. This not only hampers the success of CRM but also does not capture the full potential of CRM for the organization so they can enjoy the CRM culture for maximized productivity.

Companies should carefully invest time, resources and energy to decide on a CRM. Once they have a clear view of what they are hoping to obtain from a CRM solution, the likelihood of a successful CRM implementation increases many folds.

2). Taking The Wrong Approach to Change:

Most businesses know the necessity of training their CRM users yet they overlook the importance of getting ‘right’ people on board. No matter how good the CRM is, if it is not placed in the hands of ‘right’ people, they will not be able to perform effectively and efficiently.

Getting the ‘right’ people on board involves making them an integral part of the decision-making process. Regular communication and discussion about CRM implementation should be encouraged because it is not a top-down approach. In fact, a successful CRM implementation is a two-way communication which requires input and effort from the whole organization.

3). Keeping Your Budget in Mind at All Times:

Although budget is certainly an important aspect of CRM implementation, some businesses tend to underscore its importance too much.

In an effort to accommodate their budget, business cut down on what could be crucial functionality in their CRM solution. For example, companies often choose off-the-shelf-solutions over customized ones based on the price but they fail to realize the benefits of customized CRM for their business.

In short, business should not trim down their budget by eliminating an important functionality of a CRM.

4). Not having a plan at all:

It’s important to remember that a CRM implementation is a long-term strategy – not a one-time easy fix. Considering this fact, it demands an appropriate CRM strategy in place which evolves over the time so that the solution is aligned with the business needs and requirements to avoid CRM failures. Not doing so can lead to a lot of expensive and time-consuming reworking which impedes effective CRM solution.

5). Underestimating the need of Mobile CRM:

Another common mistake is that companies undermine the functionality of mobility in CRM. Because of rapidly-changing digital environment, it has become imperative to adopt an intuitive and interactive CRM – one that provides complete access on-the-go.

This does not involve just rendering CRM on the mobile devices. It also involves taking advantage of location information of the customers and functionalities like the ability to integrate documents into CRM records or to make calls from CRM platform. This gives businesses an edge over the competitors as they have customer preferences and past choices right in their palm, leading to enhanced customer experience.

The Bottom Line!

It’s important that you carefully choose the best CRM implementation strategy to avoid CRM failures, maximize the ROI on CRM investment and encourage fast adoption of CRM among your teams. Hence, Rolustech is your best bet when it comes to choosing the top CRM implementation partners as our team of CRM experts will ensure that you revolutionize your business with CRM implementation.

Rolustech is a SugarCRM Certified Developer & Partner Firm. We have helped more than 600 firms with various SugarCRM integrations and customization. Get in touch today for your FREE Business Analysis. We will be happy to assist you!

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