Top 5 SugarCRM integrations for the ‘R’ in CRM

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Want to know how the Sales industry would look like in near future? Take a look at some of the insights on what the 2016 LinkedIn survey says about the future of Sales?

77% of top Salespeople rely on Sales intelligence tools.  

82% of the top Salespeople interviewed in the study cite sales tools as critical to their ability to close Sales deals.


 30% of the companies predict that they would spend more on Sales technology in 2016.

 Source: The State of Sales in 2016

Now, we already know that your SugarCRM is as good as you customize and integrate it according to your specific needs and requirements. A lot of low performing Salespeople blame their CRMs as ineffective. Is that justifiable?

Christopher Kelly, the founder of Convene, makes a compelling case against this. He says,

“Most CRMs fail because they are not properly integrated. Spend as much time shopping for your integrator as you do for the CRM itself. Otherwise, you will never actually be able to use the features and benefits that you thought that you were going to have.”

For this reasons we have enlisted FIVE must have SugarCRM integrations which focus on the ‘R’ in the CRM: ‘Relationship’. These are promising as far as boosting Sales and building long-term relationships is concerned.

1. Make your voice work the magic 

The latest technological trends are ascribing more and more importance on humanizing your correspondence. Email & Chat cannot replace the significance of your voice in building better relations.

Your Sales Reps can now call your clients in a single click embedded in your own SugarCRM. RT Telephony, an amazing SugarCRM integration, offers you exactly that! Presenting a seamless integration between Twilio’s Telephony and SugarCRM, RT Telephony makes calling simple. Its amazing features, such as pop-up call notification, auto call distribution, complete call recording and phone directory support make communication effective and help build better relationship.

 Sugarcrm Integrations Telephony

Integration Suggestion: RT Telephony

2. Go for Face to Face Meetings using Digital Platforms

Are your clients spread across the globe? Can’t go and visit the clients every time you need to discuss, important matters? No problem? Make use of SuiteBox! Its amazing one-on-one video feature lets you engage your clients digitally. You can have your meetings on the go simply on your iPad with this incredible SugarCRM integration. You can record specific parts of your meetings and archive them as well.

Sugarcrm integrations suitebox

Suggestion: SuiteBox

3. Locate and Reach out to your Client at a moment’s notice

Making a first time visit to an important lead and can’t be late? Can’t locate where they are situated?  Can’t ask them their addresses over and over again? RT SalesMap makes your life stress-free.

By bridging the gap between Sugar and Google Maps, RT SalesMap instantly helps users automatically track and locate their Sugar records on Google Maps. RT SalesMap picks records from the three Sugar modules i.e. Accounts, Contacts and Leads and displays them on Google maps.

That is not all, this awesome SugarCRM integration also plans route for the sales team as it integrates GPS to find the best possible route to reach the destination. This feature can be a life saver

Sugarcrm integrations salesmap

Integration Suggestion: RT SalesMap

4. Get Documents signed without bugging and worrying your client

Visiting your clients is good for building strong relationship. Visiting them too much and too often is NOT! Especially when it comes to menial tasks like getting documents signed. Don’t worry; you have got a plugin to avoid infuriating your client.

RT DocuSign is a simple and powerful integration which leverages the power of SugarCRM and DocuSign to allow CRM users send and receive their documents from any platform within seconds. RT DocuSign allows Sugar users to upload and send multiple PDF documents from Accounts, Contacts, Leads, and Opportunities modules on SugarCRM and get electronic signatures on those.

Sugarcrm integration docusign

Integration Suggestion: RT DocuSign

5. Hold events, Invite them and Appreciate their loyalty!

You must’ve heard it before “Loyal customers are your best salespeople”. Therefore if you reward their loyalty, they might owe you one. Wondering if there is an easy and simple way to send your clients invites and manage the whole event right from your SugarCRM? Try Enable Events, an integration which promises that it is ‘everything you need to manage your event right from your Sugar’. Moreover, if you run a restaurant, CRM for the restaurant industry will help you stay ahead of your competitors and make customers for life.

Sugarcrm integration events

Integration Suggestion: Enable Events

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try out these amazing SugarCRM integrations for free. These will make your Salespeople understand the real meaning of ‘Relationship’ in CRM and help them build ever stronger relationships.

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