Top 7 SugarCRM Integrations that your business may need



SugarCRM integrations with many useful softwares have proved beneficial for companies of various sizes and from different sectors of the economy. Here are the top 7 integrations that have revolutionized business processes for many firms.

1.   RT Gsync:

This plugin makes a whole lot easier for you to manage your Gmail account and automatically sync contacts, emails, calendar and Google docs between Google and SugarCRM. Just one simple integration can streamline your business processes through increased automation. Some features that you can take advantage of are:

  • Auto email archiving
  • Two-way contacts, calendar and documents synchronization
  • One time setup in SugarCRM and no installation in browser.

(RT GSync makes email management simpler and effective. It is compatible with all browsers; you can sync tasks, calls meetings and even Google docs between your Gmail and SugarCRM.)

  2.   Xero:

Integrating Xero with your SugarCRM synchronizes your accounting data with SugarCRM information. This helps simplify many of your business processes, allowing you to juggle both your accounts and CRM system efficiently. Many features of this plugin have gained immense popularity for example:

  • Two-way sync of product catalog, sales, contacts, etc
  • One-way sync of tax rates and accounts
  • Printing of PDF invoices

(Xero allows you to centralize customer details, perform two-way sync of line items and products from both Xero and SugarCRM, and support multi company and multi tax rates)

3.   RT SalesMap:

This integration helps locate geographical location of contacts, leads and accounts. You can view detailed records from Google maps and routes of different visits. Now you can get directions and set map settings on your mobile to get to anywhere you want, with a simple integration of SugarCRM with Google SalesMap. Key features include:

  • Radial search function to locate nearby leads or accounts from contacts at a designated point
  • User defined map settings
  • Driving directions tool with multiple way points

(RT SalesMap makes finding directions, locating contacts and accessing routes to places to be visited convenient and approachable.)

4.   Mailchimp:

Mailchimp makes emailing simpler and smarter than ever before. You can visit subscriber profiles and view their activities and most importantly you can send automated emails at the right time based on customer behavior. You can manage your emails intelligently, select the best time and target the right subscriber with Mailchimp. Some important features of this integration include:

  • Multi-user accounts
  • Mailchimp mobile allows you to add contacts, accounts, make notes, send campaigns and more
  • Flexible designs for emails

(Mailchimp gives you the freedom to design your emails, manage content, send timely emails through automation and use advanced reporting options even on your mobile.)

5.   SageLine 50:

This integration helps you manage your accounts and SugarCRM information alongside. You can avail the benefits of both these softwares by using SageLine 50 plugin, which allows for a two-way sync between SageLine 50 and SugarCRM customers, accounts, contacts and leads. Now you can do away with the need to manage two separate forums and relish the ease provided by this integration. Other valuable features include:

  • Synchronization of SugarCRM and SageLine 50quotes
  • Synchronization of financial information from SageLine 50 to SugarCRM
  • Priority configuration for conflict resolution

(Bridge the gap between accounts management and SugarCRM with this simple integration and enjoy two-way sync between customers, contacts, accounts and product catalogs of the two forums, synchronize stock quantity and customize syncing schedule with Sageline 50)

6.   RT Telephony:

You can enjoy the best of Twilio’s telephony and SugarCRM with seamless integration between the two offered by RT Telephony. You can receive incoming calls within SugarCRM with pop-up notification or just click to make a call. This plugin allows access to complete call stats and call recordings. Other remarkable features include:

  • Auto call distribution based on agents’ availability
  • IVR (interactive voice response)
  • Hardline support, phone directory support and extensions

(RT Telephony makes communication quicker yet effective with features like pop-up call notification within SugarCRM, auto call distribution, complete call recording and phone directory support.)

7.   Authorize.Net:

Authorize.Net allows you to maintain a secure payment system where you can bill your clients, send payment notifications and maintain transaction history with a simple integration between Authorize.Net and SugarCRM. Essential features that you can benefit from are:

  • Automatic billing to clients via Automated Recurrent Billing (ARB)
  • Establishing and maintaining secure data storage lists
  • Sending payment notifications

(Managing payments becomes extremely easy with RT Authorize.Net which allows you to automatically send notifications to customers about impending dues, to maintain transaction histories and secure data storage lists)

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